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Scaling Up Macros

Howdy. I have a question about scaling up your macros when you are eating more than maintenance. If you want to eat 30% more than maintenance, do you increase each of protein, fat, and carb intake each by 30%? Is there some other allocation strategy when going above maintenance, for instance due to hard limits on protein or some such.


What limit?

Only limit I know of is $$$. Tri-Tip can get expensive.


Rib-eyes always leave holes in my wallet :frowning:

Worth it tho

30% …

Bit much. More calories may result in more weight gain but at a point it’s just more fat gain as a percentage of total gains. Probably better off with 10-15% more than maintenance


1g-1.5g protein/Lb of body weight. There’s no hard limit but no advantage to exceeding these levels if already in a surplus. Perhaps if you are exceeding these levels you’re not getting enough of other macros.

Fats is a bit contentious. Some people go 0.3g / Lb, 20% of calories or some people use a set number.

Fill in the rest of your macros with carbs. Yummy and provide training fuel.

So unless there’s been significant changes in bodyweight up carbs mostly.

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