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Scale Weight?



Im trying to "bulk up" and am currently trying to add' around a 1.lb a week to my weight.Im eating pretty much 90% of the same things week in week out.and weighing myself at the same time on the same day each week.I notice that some weeks I might not go up a 1lb on the scale and others I might go up 2-3lbs on the scale.However when I add' total weight gained over total weeks it comes in at 1lb
a week? is this correct? i.e Total weight over time divided by weeks=amount? rather than what you gain or not every week.



Weighing yourself once a week provides "noisy" numbers. Somewhere within the noise is the change in your fat and muscle volume. Also measured on the scale: the amount of food in your gut, and water weight. Each of these things account for AT LEAST a few pounds either way, so it's totally hopeless to try to measure a body composition change as small as 1lb. Even our air exchange accounts for a daily weight change of about 1lb, although this too can't be measured unless you can exclude all other factors (eating, drinking, eliminating, sweating).

Take the weekly numbers and smooth them out or compute running averages. After several more weeks, the numbers become more meaningful. But, really, paying attention to temporary 1-5lb changes on the scale is utterly pointless.



Dork tools for palm pilot and Unix/Linux. Check out this page to see how it works:


These are free downloads.

There's also (unsupported) Excel spreadsheets, but I've never used them. Those are here

Dan "Works for losin' weight, too." McVicker


Hello Snacky,

Ok thanks for the info.So it's best to do as I am and work out the average over time then?


Hello Dan.

Thanks for the links.Sadly I cant seem to get the software to work properly with my copy of office 2003 and windows 2000.


Hello Snacky,

Ok thanks for the info.So it's best to do as I am and work out the weekly average over time then?