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Scale Down on Surge?

I had to take a break from working out for three months and now I?m going to start getting back into it. I normally use Surge before weight training sessions, my weight is 245lbs so I use three servings.

Since I?m just getting back into it and doing it slow, should I still use three scopes or can I scale it down a bit. My routine will be light until I can recover my strength and flexibility.

Also, I have two containers of Metabolic Drive-Chocolate that I have not touched in a while. Is there anything I can add to Metabolic Drive to use it as a pre/post workout drink?


Listen to your body. If you’re starting off light, you’ll probably be ok with only taking two scoops instead of three.

And no, Metabolic Drive isnt a good PWO shake since its pretty slow digesting.

Stick with Surge for PWO.