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Scabs on My Shins

Since I’ve been doing the Starting Strength 5x5 program, I’ve found myself really ripping up my shins. I don’t mind having the scrapes really, but I’ve gotten progressively more and it’s gotten to the point where I start tearing off scabs which causes all sorts of bleeding and mess, not to mention pain.

Now Rippetoe suggests dragging the bar up your shin and thigh, but I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Do all of you have shins made of cast-iron or what?

-knee high socks
-thin shinguards (the soccer ones)
-track pants/long UA pants


and Here:

or here:


But personally, my shins are made of the casted irons.

Oh, and I don’t have my copy of Starting Strength with me to quote you chapter and verse, but I do not think Rip is advocating dragging the bar up your shins so that they bleed every time you dl. Or maybe he is…

I have a whole bunch of nice scars along the front of my shins that start a few inches above my ankles and go up to the bottom of my knees.

They add character.

To chime in, my problem is I have had about 14 stitches on 2 seperate occasions on my shin about the size of a quarter. The skin is super thin in this spot, and its a problem area even if I am not aggitating the area with a bar. If the skin gets dry enough it will “scab” a little bit. So one good pull even when this area is “healed” will rip it open and my sock will then be bloody. Then my wife asks WTF happend.

Anyway, longer socks have worked ok, I keep an ace bandage to wrap around loosely, that seems to help somewhat, and if I can stand the heat, ill wear my track pants.

I was thinking about investing in some shin guards though.

Long socks or sweatpants help, but you’re not trying to grind the bar up your shins. Your just maintaining contact so that your lats stay involved.