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SC vs IM Injections for 100mg Test Cypionate

Currently injecting 100mg of Cypionate Inter-muscular via a 23 gauge 1 inch needle 1-time per week. My Doc didn’t even mention this can be done SC like HCG? Due to anxiety 1-2 days after injection, I’m considering going to 2X per week for cypionate injections and SC would be so much easier! What are the pros and cons to IM vs SC?

You describing yet another clueless endocrinologist, they’re a dime a dozen.They typically don’t bother paying any attention to your SHBG level since it’s the most useful test for determining how often you will need injections per week. Managing hormones is more than just TT, but also attempting to manage other hormones that are effected by testosterone.

I’ve tried both IM first and the SC. Didn’t like SC probably because my body fat is usually pretty low so I had to inject near the navel and that gave me pain for days. I inject twice a week (IM)and use 27 gauge pins. It takes a little time but it’s worth it not to harpoon yourself with those huge needles. Twice a week stabilizes my levels more so I don’t get that drop off at the end of the week.

Anyone else? Are the majority of you doing SC or IM injections?

Most do IM because SubQ is still so new compared to IM, SubQ doesn’t work for everyone. IM however does, when I feel I’ve made a full recovery I’ll give SubQ a try.

I never even tried IM. Used SQ from the start. The pain issue is one I encountered also with sub-q, but I quickly figured out how to fix it. After I inject into the fat, I let the puncture wound seal up, then about 10 minutes later ill rub the site firmly for 10-20 seconds, ill do this another time maybe an hour later and their is no pain the next day. I think the oil is pooling in the fat and causing it to become inflamed, so I think rubbing it moves the oil around so it doesn’t knot up in one spot. I thought it was an allergic reaction because of how bad it hurt and it also made some of the skin in the area red. Maybe I was or am still slightly allergic to the grapeseed oil, but it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

Be careful about who you tell your doing SQ also. I had an endo go off on me about how it is ONLY IM. But when I asked why, he could not give a solid answer besides “that’s what is says on the instructions”. I had already been successfully doing SQ for a year at that point.

I cant speculate on what it does for estrogen, but I can say that I drove my e2 too low for a long time. So be cautious of that. I think that SQ does help with the e2 spiking.

I have high SHBG, and I would love to do 100mg once a week to drive down my SHBG, but increasing the TT with the larger shot. But I also get the anxiety if my TT goes too high, so I do twice a week.