SC Joint Popping

Recently started noticing popping feeling in my SC joint when performing incline presses, flyes. No pain, it just pops and is becoming more noticeable. Any advice as to what could be causing this? Any advice as to training modifications?

Take your opposite hand and put it up on your chest/shoulder. Rest your thumb on your SC joint and lay your fingers on your clavicle.

Now start moving your arm around, recreate the motion of a fly or incline press. Feel for the popping sensation in your SC, and pay attention to your clavicle and how it moves when your move your arm around.

Then adjust your posture, shoulder position and the path of your elbow (imagine getting yourself set up on the incline bench) until you can move your arm without the SC popping.

Once you find the proper, braced setup and smooth elbow path that lets your SC move correctly, just use that when you lift.

Thank you for the advice