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SC Injection- Technique And Concerns

Hi all :grin:
Just did my 3rd SC injection and have a few questions. I’m currently injecting 0.2ml of 250mg/ml Test E twice a week, using a 27 gauge 1/2 inch insulin needle.

  1. I still have a little lump from both of my previous injections spots. It’s not irritating or bothering, but if I slide my fingers over my stomach I can feel it. Feel like the size of a squashed pea. How can i fix this and or prevent this?
  2. In all the videos I have seen and discussions, people seem to fill their syringe n inject fairly quickly. I haven’t timed it, but would guess it takes me at least two minutes to draw and about one minute to inject, is this normal?

Any other advice on things to avoid or do better would be great!!

Hi @theninja Iv been doing sub q injections for 6 months now and still always get a lump of some kind.

I’v found that injecting into the “love handles” area works best for me, Im pretty lean but usually have at least a bit of fat there. I use half inch insulin needles and try to go straight in and go as deep as possible and found that I barely notice the lump. I also take at least a minute to inject and give the area a good rub/massage straight after.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, will try my sides :grin:

Everyone has an ideal place to inject whether it’s IM or SQ, I have areas that don’t tolerate injections well at all.

I just posted this in another guys thread.

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