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SC Injection Question

I have been doing IM injections for a month with no problems. Based upon what I have read here and other places I decided to switch to SC injections. I am currently injecting 100mg(.50 cc) of Test Cyp per week which I am breaking down to 4 injections of .12cc to do SC.

My first SC injection was Saturday morning and this morning when I go to do my 2nd SC injection the first injection site is a large half dollar size red welp that is somewhat tender to the touch but no more tender then the IM injections have been. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions as to what may have caused this. I am just checking to see if this is normal or I am having some type of reaction to the Cyp.

My current protocol is:
100mg Test Cyp ( .12 cc EOD)
250iu HCG EOD
1 mg Anastrozole (2 x week, Monday and Thursday)

I am using the z-trak method near my navel. Sorry for not including that originally.