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Ok, since the “Dre Day” post was lost when the forum changes took place i want to try to get another post started to help me, timbo, and the other SBs out there. i found that post very interesting and i’m sure many other’s did as well. jmb and whopper made me realize that you have really have to take in a buttload of food to make some reasonable mass gains. right now i am 17 years old, 5"8, 170 lbs with 8% bf. i too want to make it to 200 by next year. i find it hard as hell to take in excessive calories by eating clean food. whopper, i remember you mentioned sipping on a gallon of skim milk with protein powder throughout the day. if anyone else has any tips or suggestions similar to that please post them here. also, i know those “mega mass” weight gainer shakes are very poor quality and contain mostly sugars, but would that be good for us SBs to take in anyways just to up the cals?

I’m 152lbs @ 9.5% BF right now and aiming for 175lbs in nov/dec 2001. I’ve been trying to eat a shitload of clean food lately, 7 meals/day, around 3200 Kcals. Most of my meals consist of tuna/chicken breasts for protein, oatmeal/sweet potatoes for carbs and most of my fats come from almond butter. A tip I’ve found to increase my cals is to eat a teaspoon of the almond butter every hour. It’s good fats and contains also some protein. Also, instead of a weight gainer loaded with sugar, I use GROW! with milk at one of my meals. But as you say Nic, it is very hard to get in more cals… My gains have stagnated and I still have to bump up my cals… Hope we’ll have some interesting suggestions from this thread.

I’ve found the best way to increase one’s caloric intake is to go on a very low or zero carbohydrate diet such as the Fat Fast. After a week or so of this all who try it will have a newfound respect for food and shouldn’t have any more trouble eating enough. :slight_smile:
In all seriousness I would just sip on a pre-made protein drink all day…Just make sure it’s a high quality protein drink and not some high-sugar weight gain product.

OK buddy…it aint that hard. I was going to post a "Time to get big "thread…cause I am going on another bulking spree for the next 4 months. Now my diet is Massive eating…but my way. This is how simple it can be…AM 10 hard boiled eggs…yolks and all…650 calories (protien and fat) mid AM 1 entire block of sharp cheddar cheese (880 calories) protein and fat lunch 4 hamburger pattys 880 calories…(protein and fat) afternoon 1 gallon skim with 2 scoops whey protein (1605 calories) (carbs and protein) big bowl of rice and canned chicken 995 calories and my dinner varies…it is around 800 calories (protein and carbs) just before bed…a quick shake with some whole wheat bread…and bingo…I have 6000 calories. So I DONT want to hear ya bithing about 4000 calories…lol…now eat and GROW!

Hey guys, it’s SB himself! Way to jumpstart things back up, Nicolai! I actually bookmarked Dre Day and refer to it often. Basically, for me, it’s become a no-brainer…I’ve been in this game for too long, and like JB said quite frankly, you wouldn’t take me seriously if I said I was a bodybuilder…you’d more likely ask my best marathon time or if I’m a cyclist. All joking aside, I just decided I had to approach it aggressively. And really I’ve been having quite a bit of fun this last week, just pushing the envelope to see how much more I could eat. I think one of the problems for me was getting caught up in the numbers game…as far as calories. Yeah, I still count my calories, but it’s because I’m an anal bastard but I think it’ll be good in the long run so I will know what I need to grow. As far as taking in more cals, just try adding about 50 or so at a time to a meal…but I’ve personally found that I can eat like a friggin’ beast after training–not quite the JB-pound-o-pasta thang–but about a 1/3 pound (dry) pasta with some turkey breast or chicken breast. My post-post-workout shake meal is between 800 and 900 calories right now, and I think I could manage some more. Like I said, if you want it bad enough, you’ll go after it aggressively. I’ve had a hella fun time this week just eating and training like an animal. It’s pretty tough though eating that much clean but that’s the only way I’ll do it. Cook up a steamer of rice and challenge yourself to finish it the same day. Make it fun and GROW!

Whopper, you forgot to include the jar of Metamucil you need to drink to unlodge that entire block of cheese from your colon.

Also remember that at the tender age of 17-18 you have a ton of T washing thru you…and if you are naturally an ectomorph, you can get away with not eating so clean. JB and I discussed this on the Dre thread, and he feels you should start good eating habits early…I don’t disagree with him, however I know up until the age of 25 I could eat anything, and really didn’t have any major issues with getting fat…so really the choice is yours. Some of my favorite caloric dense foods are…the milk with protein powder…when I was young, I used whole milk…which really gives you a caloric blast…now I use skim milk. Chunk cheses is one of my favorites for keto diets, as well as my current massive eating program. Just to fill you in, I have started massive eating, as you saw from the above thread…however I can’t say my version is as “clean” as Johns, or perhaps even as clean as John would like to see it. What I am trying to accomplish is really just keeping it simple…no udos oils, flax oils, fancy meal preparations…just basic easily found at the grocery store foods, and I will keep you updated as to my progress. I started massive eating at 250 lbs, and would like to get to 270-275 in the next 4 months using Massive Eating, Nandro, Tribex, and ZMA. Time will tell. My last nandro cycle I put on 16 pounds…4 fat and the rest muscle…so I am interested to see how it works with massive eating…to me 20-25 pounds in 4 months, with 2 nandro cycles worked into that time period…is doable…but we shall see.

My main man, whopper, looking good my man. I know you’re kickin’ it high gear with GVT right now, but what’s the rest of the scene looking like as for training? I know it’s all about the basics, but just checking to see what the big dog had lined up.

As far as the cheese…I have no problems…must have a good stomach!! LOL! My training, is no martial arts for the next 4 months…except what I do to warm up before working out (bag work 5-3 minute rounds) and just GVT…you know my split from the Dre Day thread…except for close grips, I will be doing (don’t laugh) pushdowns and reverse grip pushdowns both in 1 set…for 10 sets. I can’t do skullcrushers, or a lot of tricep excercises due to elbow pain I get from having constantly hyperextended my elbows with different sports. Really all I can do without pain is close grips and pushdowns…so I am kinda limited. There will be no other training activities…this cycle is to gain more size…so KISS…keep it simple stupid!!

Whopper, sounds like a plan, big man! You’re going to be a massive mofo–not like you aren’t already…GVT is going to fit nicely in with my training here in the coming weeks. No giggles here on your choice of tricep exercise, bro. I’ve done that exact scheme before and it’s a hella burner baby and hits the heads hard. Later, big man. Tell the Vixen Happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t be fooled by the name, the only thing “robust” about me is the garlic i sue to flavor my pasta, I am a extra-lean 6’ 165 lb. Manimal, and when it comes right down to it the only way I can get the massive strength and size I strive for in the winter season(gotta be chizzeled in the summer) is to throw fat caution to the wind and eat until virtual explosion. In the fall I will hop back on the eat-a-truck-load diet and have no problam popping back up to my delightfully plump and powerful 195 lb. former self. Here is how I do it:
Rule 1= Any food is better than no food! All the time I see my buddy’s declining to take thier extra meals in because they dont have a chicken or potato handy. If you have to eat a bucket of KFC than by all means do it! How rediculous it is to live under the assumption that there is only one way to grow? If you have to eat, then by any means necessary do so.Just dont get in the habit of the artery clogging eating strategy and every once in a while you will be at liberty to use these measures of fullfilling your caloric quota.
Rule 2: No supplement will do it for you. They help, and thats about it. If you are too broke to buy supplements dont completely give up. my friends, when in time of financial dispair and lack of protien will actually not workout!?!?! for thousands of years men got big and strong constructing buildings and other forms of manual labor involving lifting heavy stones and wood and believe it or not, they didnt have a protien shake handy after they were finished. sure it helps, but food can do it for you.
Finally Rule 3: Do your fricking sqauts! if you wanna grow, and I mean really grow train your legs until you cry. Brutally intense sqaut workouts=Big man muscles.

Throws a 45 plate across his basement gym…OK all ya skinny bastards…ya had BETTER be eating…because I am in a DAMN foul mood…at my church we had a visiting pastor who was pretty built…we started talking after church about working out…and this…this…this…%$#^%$# says “your a big guy…you should put some more size on…you will look better” I am 250 I told him…and he says I should be like 280 or 290 to look…look…look…GOOD!!! SO if this grrrr…PASTOR says I need to put some more size on…then all you little squirmy 160 pounders…I DONT want to hear it…FRIGGIN EAT!! %$#&^ telling me I need more size to look …good…SOB!! I will show him…The schedule has been revamped…280 by December…thru hell or high water…so the rest of you…if I dont look “good” at 6’5" 250 with 10% then the rest of you are PITIFUL…so FRIGGIN EAT!!

Whopper (Showing NO FRIGGIN pity!!)

Pyrotechnics are ignited, the piano line for “still” starts, and Dre walks down to the getting big NHB ring from backstage with the scales holly style as the music plays “its still dre day brothers, weigh day brothers …”. (… Yada dada day, its the one and only D - R - E. AAAAAAGHHHHHH Im so psyched cause were all getting big and for the main event Whopper gettin bigger still …) Michael Cole enters the ring " … proudly presented by tmag … for the eating championship of the weeeeerrld … EEEEEEEERR LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE." Sup tmen - sorry for the junk but Ive been looking forward to this. Im devising a new bulking plot right now so I dont have one ready but how about some eating and training details Nic, Neil and Robusto. Leo will be here soon :). TIMBO - WASSSSSSSUP!!! - now down to business - on the scales for judgement day - how many pounds? And Ive been away tman but did you get time to do me a Timbo Ab Cure program?

Aw yeah, the wonderful world of Dre, my dogg’s back up in this mofo! Dre in the hizouse all, and the man is all about getting massive! Dre, I’d be more than pleased as punch to help ya out with a lil’ Ab Cure:-) LOL! I’ll have to pass on releasing any weight gains, as it’s only been a little over a week, and I’m downright scared of my man Whopper right now:-) I’ll put it this way, things are going well right now. I loved the intro, my man. What’s the plan coming from Chronic Land, Dre? You’ve got your juice jacked, so how you gonna kick it, bro?

Whopper, that's some crazy stuff, big dogg. If he wasn't a pastor, I would ask how far ya buried the @$$*&^) underground:-) LOL! All I can say is you gots to use that, big dogg! And I know you will, just like you'll be packing 280, bro. Believe me, whopper, I constantly am reminded of the big dogg, my man, whopper, day in and day out standing over my shoulder and pushing me to get the jobby job done...

TIMBO - WTF - I just read in another thread that you are still 160 - WHAT THE F IS UP WITH THAT??? Chronic influenza? Leg amputation? I was going to tell whopper but his last post scared the crap out of me even (DANGER … GET ON THE FLOOR … THE WHOPPER’s RIGHT HERE …). Ill consider overlooking your teenage supermodel eating and keeping it on the dl for now but …

Dre, my man, do you want your lil’ SB to post every quarter-pound increment:-) LOL! Okay, I didn’t want to let go of any numbers because I’m gonna get torched, but it’s all good, bro. Alright, Monday, April 30th, SB weighed in at 155 1/2…Monday, May, 7th, SB weighs in at 158…Monday, May, 14th (that’d be this morning, my gangsta rappin’ friend), SB weighs in at 161…feeling great in and out of the gym with pumps that I haven’t had in quite some time. All workouts are progressing, in terms of reps and/or weight used…more importantly, progressively increasing both volume and work performed each workout…may be about time to switch things up a little though…still interested in my sidekick Dre’s P-L-A-N of attack in his quest to get a lil more buff:-)

Timbo, you’re weak! What’s up with that low bodyweight of yours? Bro, you’ve got a whole 10 pounds on me! That’s all! And I’m 8 inches shorter than you! You better start packing on some mass son! Or I’ll have to come up there and run the Boilermaker all over your ass! LOL! And the only reason I haven’t tried to add some mass is because I have hella smoothed out like a fat little bastard! So I’m holding steady at 150-152lb for now. EAT BRO! YOU CAN DO IT! And what’s up with the mighty Whopper? Only 250lbs? C’mon, you’re small potatoes! LOL! Damn, that pastor really told you something. I hope he was quite big to be backing up his advice to you my man! Dre, it’s good to see you in da house! The Dogg House baby! That’s the place to be. And ole Nate Dogg is hella looking forward to some heavy deadlifts, rows and close-grips today! Oh hell yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

Picks up Timbo and Nate…one in each hand in a choke slam…and slams them to the hard floor, just because they were in his way to the squat rack. Enough boys…it is all about size now. I have been called out…and I DON"T TAKE THAT! Before this, in his home gym whopper would warm up on the heavy bag…a bit of shaggy, or Nellie playing…incorporating some dance moves into his warmup…but NO MORE! It is Metallica…Bizcuit, KORN, etc from the minute I hit the basement. The weights will be riding high, the effort…beyond extreme…the intensity…breathtaking. The food consumption…will be a REDEFINTION of MASSIVE eating…in fact…if my dog gets too close…she will be great with a little Bernaise sauce!! Timbo…if you don’t bulk up…I SWEAR I will friggin grill you over an open flame and include YOU in my massive eating…kinda a light SNACK!! 280 to just look GOOD…hmmmff!! when I get to 280 I am gonna go find that guy and do some of my own “laying on of hands” and CERTAINLY not in a spiritual sense…Boys…right now…if ya ain’t with me…your against me…so from now on either “walk the walk and talk the talk” or just keep the hell out of my way…cause I will run you over!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…there will be NO MORE pity on this thread…Let the game begin!

Aw yeah…the Dogg House is fillin’ up quickly! Nate Dogg the Guard Dogg has joined the fun and is pokin’ fun and playin’ a lil’ court jester action with the big little man and even messin’ with the Whopp! Dogg, ya just remind me how embarassing it really is to be a walking stick, my man. Your boy happens to be shoving his face at the moment and can’t wait to rip his back up tonite while his main Dogg Nate’s 5x5in’ it barefoot style on the DLs but definitely won’t be keeping it on the DL, that’s for damn sure. Get at 'em, Dogg!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me the Whopper is the Truth from hear on out…and you can bet your ass I’m runnin’ with this Preacher! I’m ridin’ your coattails, big fella. I’m getting ready to rip some shit up right now, and there was nothing better to get me pumped than the sermon from the Truth! Get 'em, big Dawg!