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Having run both EQ and Drol in combo quite often, I have found that the Abombs tend to counteract any appetite increases that EQ usually brings. Then again, I only got that typical ravenous hunger from big bumps of EQ, 8-900 mg/week to begin with. GHRP for hunger spikes IMHO, if that’s what you’re after.

This seems counter intuitive to me. I know that red blood cells thicken blood, they should however, increase available oxygen and increase endurance.

Trivia note: The original blood doping was athletes storing their own blood and then re-injecting it to increase their endurance.

I agree but I was actually just thinking its an influx of hormone, I usually get this way if I dont taper up slowly. Hopefully it levels out as my hormone levels stabilise.


What’s the reason why you’re taking Nolva during cycle instead of an AI? I’ve read somewhere that Nolva can hinder gains and AIs are better during cycle. I’d also like to try Nolva instead of an AI.

Asking because I have an entire gram of letrozole powder I was planning to use as my AI on cycle, bought it without thinking that I’d have a hard time measuring out 0.1mg doses (and letrozole doesn’t dissolve in water either, so can’t make a solution). Although I tend to be pretty immune to high estrogen sides, I’m paranoid about gyno- can I take Nolvadex instead? Currently on 500 test and just started 100 tren-E a week.

Otherwise I gotta order a bag of aromasin (bigger doses so I can measure it out without accidentally ODing). All I can get my hands on are RAW powders my side of the world, super super cheap but it’s a blessing and a curse when it comes to the drugs you gotta take in sub-10mg doses, even with my 100usd scale, a couple specks of leftover Letro or something could contaminate my other stuff with potentially disastrous consequences

Much thanks! Looking fooking massive bro!

This would be a good read for you.

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Do they not sell vodka where you are? Or some kind of grain alcohol? Easy enough to make a solution to use with a dropper.

@dextermorgan pretty much posted what I was going to. I’m just taking nolva to avoid any gyno issues, I may now bump it up to 20mg ED as I am getting some sensitivity in my nipples, that may be because of the addition of dbol and upping my test dose from 200mg - 400mg, I have gradually upped this dose so I am pretty comfortable with it.


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If your sensitive to these issues isn’t it best just to stick to very low test, and dry compounds like tren? I know you said you didn’t want to use tren but it beats gyno and something like superdrol in place of dbol. ?

Are the potential (probable?) neurotoxic properties of tren something you worry about?

People seem to take a lot of different risks and factors into consideration when chosing their steroids, cost, anabolic strengh, dry vs ‘wet’, aromatisation, effects on sleep and libido etc, but seems like this one slips under the radar.

As far as Im aware, pharmacologically speaking its considered very likely that tren is neurotoxic, but Im obviously not an expert and happy to stand corrected.

Because tren works so well people get carried away. I mean it does everything for you.

I just cant sleep on it, which will eventually catch up to me.

@unreal - will melatonin help me sleep?

Just to claridy, when i mention neurotoxicity, im talking about it killing braincells rather than interfering with sleep.

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I know.

Could that be why bodybuilding is sometimes associated with lower intellectuals? It’s rare for a bodybuilder to be smart. Test fog maybe?


Just curious but is this sarcasm or anecdotal experience? I don’t know a lot of bodybuilders personally so now my interest is peaked. There are a lot of sharp guys on here and then you get a lot of newbs / trolls with seriously dumb questions.

Some research on the subject showed steroid users had lower total brain mass and specifically lower brain mass.amd activity in the cortexes, I forget which, associated with decision making and language.skills.

But obviously correlation not causation. Could be steroids shrinking the brain, or people with smaller brains being more likely to use, or less.likely to consider the risks as significant enough to warrant caution.

Not supposed to be derisive of users either, plenty of smart people make the decision fully informed.

But tren specifically has been shown to be neurotoxic to brain cells, I think rodent models and brain cell cultures.

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Cool, just seemed like your answer was to a completely different question

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Got it. Thanks for the follow up. Most of my experience over the past 20 years is at avg joe gyms where I am typically one of the largest/strongest guys at least for my manlet sized frame. So I don’t really have experience with fellow body builders outside of the forums I’ve been on.

Not sure if it’ll work for you but it’s worth a try. I was having major issues with sleep and this is what has helped tremendously without feeling like shit the next day.

Before bed:
Magnesium glycinate - 400-600mg
L-Tryptophan - 500mg
Melatonin - 2.5mg

Mag & tryptophan - powder from bulk supplements
Melatonin - Natrol fast dissolve from Amazon

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Does this combo make you groggy the next morning Dex? That’s half my prob. I’ve had insomnia lately and melatonin helps me fall asleep but I still wake up way too early. I’ve tried other sleep aids but then I just feel groggy and not well rested.