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SB's Upcoming Blast

Hello young gentlemen,

So its almost time for my next blast. I did say I would be doing the 5 weeks on 5 weeks off kind of cycles, however I feel like a larger cycle in order to make the gains I require before my next show is needed.

I’m currently sitting at ~205lbs, around 5lbs kept from the 5 week blast I just came off. My goal is to reach 220lbs (100kg). I am currently the heaviest I have ever been in my life so all of this is new territory.

My cycle plan is as follows:

Wk 1 - 16 = 750mg Primo (frontload 1000mg)
Wk 1 - 16 = 600mg EQ (frontload 1200mg)
Wk 1 - ongoing = 150mg Test E (my TRT dose)
Nolva 20mg EOD, may bump up to 20mg ED if needed.

Oral use is still up in the air at the moment, as is HGH use (although I’m leaning more towards HGH than orals after seeing the brother @studhammer results).

If I do use orals, it will be between Anadrol (which I’ve never used but @zeek1414 has recommended), Anavar and Tbol.



You kept 5lbs of solid lean mass within five weeks? And you’re an experienced lifter??? Whatatatatatat

This is my starting point. Pics taken yesterday.



I wouldn’t say lean mass, could be water weight and some fat.


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Solid SB. Just one question, why did you choose primo over masteron since primo is very pricey?

How far out is the show?

Im assuming this is going to be a lean mass cycle from the list of drugs. Anadrol is a great choice I see a lot of guys say it makes you puffy or bloated I personally never experienced any bloat on adrol it actually make me really vascular even more so then winny did. Iv heard of some guys even using adrol up until thier show. I see no reason not to use hgh and an oral. I personally love orals I wish I could run them year round.

Always enjoy your cycle post will be watching.

What’s the thing on you’re waist? What’s it for?

Doesn’t look like a lifting belt to stimulate excess infra abdominal pressure (the thick ones powerlifters use)

Idk if it’s the pose, however an issue with excess internal rotation appears to be present within the pics sent, perhaps front delt/pec dominance?

You appear to have similar tricep insertions to that of mine, of which unfortunately we don’t have that super meaty, shapely lateral head. I find injecting the lateral head with a small volume of test can swell it up, change the shape (site enhancement) for a good week or so with minimal pain, over time such spot injections appear to have permenantly (albeit slightly) altered the shape of my left lateral head (fibrosis/scar tissue build up Yeet)

Triceps look thick/solid though, back looks on point (great v taper)… can’t see any particular weak-points aside from perhaps forearms. However that’s largely genetic, not much one can do

Wasn’t this the cycle you said helped you reach a new ‘set point’ for your stabilized weight? I’ve never ran primo so can’t comment. I didn’t like EQ when I ran that but it seemed to work for you. I can’t wait to watch your log… always enjoyable. Best of luck my friend.

Primo is slightly more pricey for me, however I wouldn’t compare it to masteron in terms of muscle building or anabolic potential. On paper they may be similar, but anecdotal results are very different. I’m not really a fan of masteron unless pre-contest or low dose with my TRT. I could never build lean muscle with 750mg Masteron compared to 750mg Primo.

I don’t have dates for the shows yet (most likely next week) but I’m hoping there will be one around March/April time. If so, towards the end this would probably turn into a cut and may get extended another 4 weeks.

Considering the price I’m paying for Primo, the only thing stopping me from HGH is the cost. It doable, so will just have to think if its worth it.

Its a lifting belt lol. I don’t need it, but when I train shoulders I like to keep it on, it helps me visualise the v-taper more.

Indeed. My left hand side has always had this problem, I do need to fix it. It has caused all sorts of issues ranging from rotator cuff to the recent pec tear.

Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated. I will definitely do some direct forearm work this cycle. My triceps have only recently started growing, alongside my chest. I would say 80% of my chest growth has come in the last 1.5 years since I learnt how to contract it, I was completely shoulder dominant before. Chest has ALOT of catching up to do.

It was indeed the very cycle. That’s why I’m giving it another go, hopefully I get the sustained growth just as before. Good have you on board my friend!



Looking solid AF and lean. Don’t forget HGH will help keep you lean and help with recovery and sleep but 4 or 5 iu isn’t going to be a mass builder.

I’m currently running 2 iu HGH, 100 mg Anadrol/ day and 400 mast and 500 test/week. It’s only been about 2 weeks on the new blast. Strength is definitely going up but I actually lost a couple of pounds by going on a short vacation.

What did you employ to spark new growth?

As to forearms, I find if the volume isn’t too intensive, I actually managed to somewhat increase forearm size (say a quarter of an inch) relatively quickly by employing pump work every day (not masturbation dammit)… like wrist rolling/forearm curls with reasonably light weight. Just don’t do them on days before heavy pulling or grip intensive routines.

Then again I’m smaller than you, so theoretically you should be giving me advice lolz

very interested to watch the progress unfold, excited to see what you look like at 100kg. I’m sitting at a very fluffy 106kg, how tall are you?

Thanks man! I was hoping you would chime in with your anadrol experience. Have you noticed any bloat from it? I know you have lost weight but what about water retention? Anything noticeable?

Mind-muscle connection and rolling out the knots in my back coupled with pullovers using a heavy dumbell.

This isn’t always true. A lot of good advice has come from my little brother, who’s just started out training but watches youtube videos on rehab and perfect form a lot so his advice has corrected most of my bad technique. I take advice from anyone if it makes me better.

Im 5’10 and this weight is just about manageable for me. My goal is to be around 93-94kg shredded on stage.


Nothing noticeable. I hit the gym last night after 5 days away and shoulders and arms were very vascular. Strength definitely went up, as much as 50% on the lighter stuff like overhead presses (I do mine on a smith machine and do both regular and behind the neck back to back without rest)

You are BUILT, and what I strive to get to one day, hopefully. Excited to see what you gain on this cycle man, thanks for being some daily motivation! How tall are you? Mind me asking what your legs look like?

Edit: just saw that you’re 5’10, any idea on BF? We’re similar height, you have a few pounds on me, but damn you look big and lean! Lol

I just don’t overhead press… shoulders can’t take it, esp left one with bursitis, scheduled for corticosteroid injection soon

High volume weighted dips, lateral raise variations (need to be careful), front raises (partial rom) and rear delt work all with high frequency keep chest/shoulders up to par/ continually developing

As y’all know I’m 10 months out from my last shoulder surgery so I’m dedicated to keeping it light and staying injury free. I don’t do free weight OH presses but I do like the smith machine for those.

I’ll do seated dips but haven’t tackled regular dips since the surgery, makes me nervous.

I do several variations of lateral raises also very light weight

Great, I’m naturally pretty vascular so I’m excited to see how I react to it.

Im honoured thank you, however I have seen your pictures in another thread and do believe you look much better than me!
I will certainly get a leg pic up mid-cycle, they are a work in progress, not totally shit but also not up to my upper body standard.
I would say BF is around 12-14%, could be higher I’m unsure.


That V taper is fantastic.

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I second that. Always jealous of that taper…

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