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SB's Test Dbol Cycle


Just a quick question on behalf of my friend.

He went on the same cycle at the same time as me last week (30th August). So like me, he has done:

  • 2 shots of 500mg Test E each as a frontload (1000mg Week 1)
  • 1 shot of 250mg Test E this week (250mg Week 2 so far)
  • 60mg Dbol ED for 1 week.
  • 2 shots of 250iu hCG
  • 0.25mg adex EOD

He has now chickened out and wants to come off due to fertility issues with his wife.

Question is, does he need PCT?
Im thinking he should carry on hCG and adex till the Test E has cleared his system then maybe hit some low dose nolva or clomid as a safety measure? What do you think?



I think your strategy is good


Great :slight_smile:

I think its safe to continue Dbol use too until the Test is out of system too right? Drop Dbol 2 days before the test clears. Using roidcalculator it says around 32 days till the test falls below 100mg which is when his PCT will start.



You could run it that way, but I would try to stay with a 21- 24 day run of dbol at 60mg with the adex starting the following day. IMO


Adex starting the following the day? What do you mean?
Hes been on adex since the start of his cycle obviously.



My bad miss understood the post, I stand with the dbol, what’s the frequency of the hcg?


250iu Monday and Thursday…



I think he will be fine, I would step the hcg to eod


honestly, I think he’d be cool just to come off cold turkey without a PCT


Cold turkey with or without dbol


obviously without. Why would he keep taking the dbol if he wants to get off and recover?


I was wondering the same, but that was a question.


Cheers lads.

Yogi you on TRT now?



na mate, still clomiding my nuts back into action every time.

Only spending like 12 weeks a year shut down these days (8 weeks long esters, 4 weeks) short.

Not even really using orals anymore.


Not tapering then?



I have in the past when it’s been a long cycle with multiple compounds, but these days I don’t bother for the shorter ones.

I’m still a big fan of the taper method


the doses you are running are not that high, you can come off for sure if your still under 3 weeks however i would take some AI just incase for the dbol


My current cycle looks like this:

Wk 1 = 1000mg Test E
Wk 2 – 8 = 500mg Test E
Wk 9 = 250mg/wk Test E
Wk 10 = 125mg/wk Test E

Wk 1 – 4 = 40mg Dbol ED
Wk 8-12 = 30mg Dbol ED

Wk 11 - 16 = 100mg/wk Test Prop (inject ED during stasis & taper)

Wk 19 = 75mg/wk Test Prop
Wk 20 = 50mg/wk Test Prop
Wk 21 = 40mg/wk Test Prop
Wk 22 = 25mg/wk Test Prop
Wk 23 = 10mg/wk Test Prop

Wk 1 – 12 = 750iu/wk hCG (taper off hCG through stasis)
Wk 13 = 500iu/wk hCG
Wk 14 = 250iu/wk hCG
Wk 15 = 125iu/wk hCG

At the end of week 2 and up 4lbs, holding some water but thats it.

Im leaning more towards a mast/test p taper off though.



Why are you running your cycle like that instead of running
1000mg week 1
500mg test weeks 2-10
150 mg test prop eod weeks 11-12
Week 13 nothing
Week 14-18 or 20 pct

Just wondering?


Im using the test stasis and taper method.