SBD vs STrong vs X Sleeve

Looking into buying a pair of knee and elbow sleeves, don’t really care for comfort-ability or versatility, I am looking for the sleeve that will give me the most support in heavy squats and that will be the most durable. Have been using knee wraps for a while love them but they’re just a hassle. Which knee sleeve is the best of the 3 and why? And between SBD and STrong which elbow sleeve do you prefer and why? Don’t plan on competing anytime soon so if the product is approved or not doesn’t matter to me. if you have a different product let me know!
(S:405 B:255 D:465 @205BW)

That’s funny that you are going from wraps to sleeves.

I’m going the other way around trying out wraps having been bare knee and sleeves for the most part. I thought sleeves won’t give you anywhere near what you are used to getting from wraps

They wont, I bought wraps a while back on sale and still will use them for heavy 1-3’s but when I have a lighter day or lots of sets I dont want to keep wrapping up, which is why i want sleeves. Also they keep the joint warm which is a big bonus for me at least

If you don’t care about them being approved then Cerberus Strength 9mm sleeves.

There is no point in wrapping your knees all the time anyway, and not for light days either. You need enough work in wraps to get used to the feeling of squatting in them and to figure out your technique, for some people this might not even be a lot of work in wraps anyway. Also there is a chance that using wraps year round can wear down the cartilage under your knee caps due to the compression, it makes more sense to use them when you are a few months out from a meet rather than all the time. And don’t tell me about some guys like Malanichev, he does one work set.

Not exactly on topic, but I saw this mark bell insta post the other day about 9.5mm gangsta sleeves coming out soon. Would they be the only other 9+mm knee sleeve on the market? Maybe check those out if you don’t care about approval.

As far as which sleeves to buy, I haven’t heard many of complaints from either SBD or mark bell sleeves. I don’t know which company makes better sleeves, but if support is your priority, X sleeves over STrong sleeves probably make more sense for an extra $5 because they’re designed to have the most support. If I were you I’d probably just get whichever knee sleeve + elbow sleeve combo is cheaper from the same company so you don’t pay shipping twice. I can’t imagine it would make a huge difference.

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I would probably throw another one into the mix here and add the Stoic sleeves as well.If I had to compare the group, on one end, you’d have the SBD and on the other end, you’d have the X Sleeves. In between the middle and the SBDs, I would put the Stoics. In between the middle and the X SLeeves, I would put the STrong sleeves.

Personally, I have both Stoic and STrong sleeves, and I like them both for different reasons. The Stoic sits in between the STrong and the SBD in terms of feel and construction. It has the straight seem constuction of the STrong and the longer length and similar material feel of the SBD. I don’t like the seem of the SBD how it curves, nor do I like SBD as a company, so I’d never get them and I’d get the Stoics any day over the SBDs for half the price.

The STrong sleeves are stiffer than both SBD and Stoic sleeves but not quite as long. I personally prefer the longer length, but it doesn’t stop me from using the STrong sleeves even though the shorter length I feels causes them the bunch up in the middle a bit more than the SBD or Stoic. I do like the STrong sleeves for heavier loads.

If you’re looking for the stiffest sleeve, the X is the stiffest of the bunch. I have not used them, but I’ve seen them and they’re stiffer than the STrongs. Also, if you are looking for even thicker and could care less about IPF approval, the 9.5mm Gangsta Sleeves will be coming out soon as well and will likely be on my radar when they’re released.

For me, if I had to choose one, I’d go for the Stoic sleeves sleeves for the value and performance. I’ve been using the same pair now for over two years and they are still going great. That said, I do like having the STrong sleeves and I think there’s a place for them or even a stiffer sleeve like the X sleeves as well.

I would but the Stoic sleeves because I like the commercials!