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SBD Belt Adjustable Lever Knockoffs?

I tried my friend’s SBD belt the other day and it was amazing overall. There’s the lever action but with adjustability of the prong belts.

We were talking about this and how it was patented or patent pending or something and whether or not there’d soon be copies or knock offs on the market. Would it be like illegal for other companies to copy this?

Like the slingshot has about a dozen knock offs now from various companies so why not this special adjustable lever buckle? These knockoffs have taken a share of the market from Slingshot but not that much cos they aren’t much cheaper.

If someone does a knockoff of the SBD belt even at $200 or like more than an Inzer it’d still be much cheaper than the SBD belt.

Is it only a matter of time?

I watched a video of the belt/buckle manufacture and there isn’t anything particular or special about it, other than a long throw on the lever/latch and the effort that they put forth to impress upon you that it is very high quality (which is not actually true). A couple of ounces of aluminum and some common machine processes are about all it is, and they aren’t very expensive either. It probably adds up to a couple bucks max to produce them.

My understanding of whether or not something gets knock offed revolves around whether or not it is worth it, and with such a niche market and low potential for profit, it probably isn’t.

Inb4 not IPF Approved