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Says She's Pregnant but I was on 500mg Test for 12 Weeks


My son is 13 now and has worn out three trampolines. A new replacement tramp should be here tomorrow :rofl: The only thing we have ever bought him that he enjoys :smirk:

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Honestly, I have been on the receiving end if this “entrapment” discussion. I have been called every name in the book, been accused of sleeping with my best friend, my ex husband, total strangers, etc…

I was on BC and the guy was told he couldn’t have kids. You know what? Shit happens!

My son’s “dad” walked away without hesitation. He has never helped in anyway with the raising of my son. He never wanted a family and I surely wasn’t planning on having a child. Everybody said, " OMG what are you going to do?" My answer was, “Love him.”

Life is not perfect. Sometimes there is nobody to blame. Shit does, and will happen. Life goes on! This entire discussion is pointless. The OP won’t be the first to walk away or the last. She won’t be the first single mom, or the last. You have to play the cards that are dealt.


Yes it is that much better


Fuckin’ awesome name, dude. Carl Weathers would be happy.

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Ok let’s not start male bashing. No one has called any woman whores or anything (yet)

He never said he’s gonna walk away. He has every right to be skeptical. There is absolutely nothing wrong with requesting a paternity test.

Hopefully if she is really pregnant and he is the dad he steps up and does the right thing!


WTF? I wasn’t bashing anybody! I said shit happens, deal with it.


At some point someone needs to say this, so I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way: demanding a paternity test, while good for protecting yourself, will absolutely come back to bite you in the ass when you find out it is in fact your child. Because what you’re saying to her is “I don’t trust you at all” and that’s not a great place to start from when you’re trying to raise a child together. If you think she’s ever going to forget how that feels you’re mistaken. So request the test, by all means, but don’t think that it doesn’t come with its own costs down the road.

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I apologize if I read what you said out of context it can be difficult to judge context accurately on a forum.

I read what you said as assuming the OP was gonna walk away and leave the lady as a single mom.

Ya that’s a tricky one bro! So in this guy’s case it sounds like he isn’t in a relationship with this girl. So even if the kid is his they probably wouldn’t just get married and live happily ever after. So in his. Situation he has very little to lose I think requesting one.

In a situation where you are married or in a serious relationship then ya lol requesting a test is probably something you only wanna do if your 99.9% sure that the baby ain’t yours. OR if you have proof she was cheating on you then there is nothing wrong with requesting a test. Because let’s face it at that point the trust is already beat to shit


Because sex with a condom is like drinking non alcoholic beer. Its shit!

Have you thought about pokemon? There are many out their who are still to catch them all.

Really, it comes down to the type of woman you sleep with.

If your fucking some bushpig or gutter trash at a club then yea you would wear rubber.

But if your fucking a work colleague you probably wouldnt wear rubber


If a condom that is 0.01mm in length fits you then birth control is the last of your worries.


lol I mean’t the length of the condoms plastic. My condoms are at LEAST 2mm in length!

(2 million millimetres)


What on earth did I just read?




So your condoms are at least 2 kilometers long? Do you like wrap your dong around your legs or something?


Take your hand put in a warm moist place, then put a latex glove on and repeat. You tell me lol.


Steroids as a birth control option? I didn’t realize they were so readily available, or so common that multiple men were using them to prevent pregnancies…

Absolutely agree that there are women that will pull a fast one on men, either because they’re ignorant, or they’re trying to entrap a male, etc. My post wasn’t trying to negate the issues that men might face when having sex; it was to share some points from a woman’s perspective.

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Bush pig


Is she single? I like long walks on the beach, movies, and spending quality one on one time.

Can you put in a good word for me? Her IG?


Your tren dose is dialed in nicely I see.

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I’m a man and I have my daughter from my ex wife 95% of the time. Ex takes her saturday night maybe twice a month for like 20hours tops. My current wife i met two weeks after she gave birth to her first daughter(bio dad split) I have raised her for 2 1/2 years now and i am dad. Even tried paying the douche to take the dna test so we could establish hes the dad so he could sign his rights over to me so I could legally adopt and he was too scared his current gf would find out. I also Now have an 8 month old son. So deadbeats come in both genders.

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