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Says She's Pregnant but I was on 500mg Test for 12 Weeks


I believe I found that on Planned Parenthood’s site regarding the various bc methods. And if anyone knows about unwanted pregnancies it’s them. If I can dig it up I’ll link it.


Should we factor in lying as well to get you the statistic?


Pill is about 1 in 100.
Pull out is about 4 in 100.

So about 4 in 10,000.


Presumably, you pulled out and did your business onto her. Can you really rule out that she didn’t hoard this and later use it for the purposes of getting pregnant?

I’m with @RampantBadger on this one, GPS seems the solution here.


Thats why whenever utilizing the pull out method you must follow up with the make her swallow method.


Hmmmmmmm, well inside the uterus, sperm can live for up to a few days… Out side the uterus, say on skin or on the floor, as soon as the spunk dries up its dead. The female wouldn’t have a very long window of time to impregnate herself (exposure to oxygen doesn’t instantly kill sperm, that’s a myth).

There is the possibility the woman was lying about being on the pill, but either way OP got this woman pregnant.

@pipmaster imagine how scared shitless this poor girl feels sir, you feel anxious, worried and think you might’ve fucked up you’re life. This girl has all that… but also has to push a watermelon out of her vagina, go through a looooooot of pain/ sudden hormonal changes and contemplate getting an abortion (which if she does, she may or may not feel reaaalllly guilty about.), so if she does. Don’t be a prick and stand by her side when possible.

Gotta put yourself in other peoples shoez


Eh she doesn’t have to. Abortion is still legal for a reason.

You know they say abortion is the woman’s choice. What about if they guy doesn’t want rhe kid? Why should he be forced to pay to raise it etc etc? If a woman doesn’t want the kid and the guy does oh well too bad for him… With all the talk of Equality etc these days both should have equal say. Because they both had equal parts in creating it. If both can’t agree to being parents either abort the baby or whichever person wants it agree to be the one responsible

Thats probably an unpopular opinion and I’m not saying I neccarily agree with it so plz don’t @ me with how “I’m” wrong. It’s simply just one school of thought that’s out there that seems in this day and age might be gaining a little more momentum


@zeek1414 while I agree with you in principle, then I guess it falls on the guy to not use the pullout method and hope and use effective methods of birth control.


One could argue it falls on the woman just as much to make sure he has a condom on. Or to make sure she is actively on birth control. I think both parties are equally responsible which is why I think both parties should be in equal agreement to raise the kid one shouldn’t be held responsible based on the others beliefs on abortion.

Bottom line tho is this is just a theory it’s not reality so as of right now as a man we must not make excuses and we must take necessary measures to either insure pregnancy doesn’t happen or be a man if it does and step up or atleast get the check book out


Boom and drop the mic. Agree.


I partially agree with you. The problem lies within how he got the girl preggos, if the dude was stealthing then… no, he shouldn’t have any matter in the decision of what to do with the child (and should probably be given a criminal record + potentially some jail time). Using the pullout method isn’t adequate birth control. HOWEVER!

Supposedly the girl was on birth control. I must say if I had a partner (who I trusted) who was on BC, I’d probably be comfortable using the pullout method, if the girl is taking the pill methodically (and has been for a while thus natty hormonal production is shot to poofies (no mestruation yeet)

Secondly the question of ethics arises. If the pregnancy is accidental, adequate protection was used, the male doesn’t want the child but the female does, the man shouldn’t (in my opinion) have to raise the child… BUT, giving the male a say in whether the woman gets an abortion is something I disagree with. Getting an abortion is, to some people, the equivalent of killing a living thing (granted I don’t see it like this at all, if the being has no conscience or memory, nor has it ever seen the outside world I don’t consider it to be the equivalent of killing a living being), it’s the best way I can explain my opinion on this, it’s a rather controversial opinion of mine and many may not agree.

Therefore for many women, the idea of removing a “living thing” (some people may see it this way), could install feelings of immense guilt, sadness, shame and sorrow for the woman. If the dude is egging her on to get an abortion, it could make her feel reeeeeeaaallllly bad and seems insensitive. Thus I don’t think the male should have a say in whether an abortion if performed, however in this supposedly equal society (though it seems masculinity is starting to become increasingly opressed) a male (provided the pregnancy was legitimately accidental) should have a say in whether he wants to raise the child. Just my opinion @zeek1414.

I don’t have a particularly developed opinion on this subject due to my age and lack of life experience, however some women (esp very religious women) will choose to keep the baby because of religious beliefs or whatever she’s gonna have to still push out a watermelon.

Getting an abortion is scary. having a baby is scary (even if it’s an expected pregnancy), it’s such an influx of overwhelming emotions for both the male and the female (moreso for the woman after hormonal changes start I assume)… I’d imagine. I think OP (of this thread) should be showing a bit more empathy

It’s not as black and white as I’m making it out to be, this is a very delicate (considering how easily people get offended these days) and complicated topic.


Ok so let’s say the woman doesn’t want the child but the male does? Why does she get to kill the man’s baby?

BTW I agree with you he shouldn’t get to say she has to have an abortion but he shouldn’t also be responsible for her decision to keep it

Lmao I don’t know what this means.

This right here was pretty much the only point I was Trying to make.

Dont underestimate yourself. You have a very good grasp of this subject. And I think we more or less agree with each other on how we view it

I have my first on the way now I’m 28. It’s probably the most excited/scared/happy/nervous iv ever been in my life. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world

But isn’t it tho? People over complicate simple shit it’s what we are extremely good at. But no I guess it’s not due to laws, religions, ethics etc in theory it’s pretty damn simple tho if you ask me


I appreciate all the replies. I am trying to coach her and make her think rationally about this but I really think she want’s to trap me and that is why she must have lied about being on BC. If the pull out and BC protection is 1/2500… and I was on cycle… It seems so unlikely but I guess that .0025% chance got me possibly. I’m thinking she wasn’t on BC and maybe she did the sperm collection thing. My goal now is to be kind to her and try to convince her to get an abortion. She is Korean btw. And her parents would kill her I know. She says she just wants to start a family with or without me to give her purpose… and it’s “meant to be”… fml


It’s this fucked up practice where a guy, mid intercourse, removes the condom without the females consent.


i was cycle and used pullout method plus ovulation method. now she is 4 months pregnant :slight_smile: just accept the fact and be a man

having a child is not very bad as i have never been happy in my laugh because of my cute 1 year daughter :slight_smile: she fulfills my purpose of working hard and end of the the makes me happy and laugh so hard.


A few points from the female mind, regarding the subject:

-Yes, the poor girl could abort instead of “pushing out a watermelon”. FYI, use this for future reference: abortion hurts, too. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, as much if not more than full term birth does. No, I have not had a “deliberate” abortion, but I did miscarry and I had to use those awful, awful pills to pass my child. I was stunned by how painful it was and how much it mimicked labour. So, abortion is NOT the easy way out.

-I agree, the male should have a say in the decision on whether or not to keep the child. But final veto power should rest with the woman who actually has to carry that child - feel her body and her mind change, irreparably. She will never be the same again. To tack on to this thought, your opinion as the “father” loses an awful lot of weight when you start second guessing whether that baby is even your’s. Don’t call her a slut just because that’s what you actually were (not directing this at OP or any one person in general, just saying there’s a lot of fine gentlemen in the world that pull this stunt).

-As for women being “responsible” about being on some form of BC - how would YOU feel if you were obligated to take a hormone that will: change your menstrual cycle, your moods, your body (acne, weight gain, joint pain, etc) and then get told it was your fault you got pregnant? You took it wrong, you took the wrong kind, etc…There are women who are unable to take hormonal BC for a variety of reasons. Add to that, there’s enough responsibility in a woman’s life that condoms really should be the domain of the male partner. Remember, kids: condoms prevent minivans.

-Then again, watch out for stealthing. Sounds like a risk YOU want to take? Because a woman does, every time she has intercourse with a man.

TL;DR- take responsibility for your penises, men, and where/how you put them in places. You may whine that getting a girl pregnant really screws up your life, but, as another commenter said, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you’re old enough to f*ck, you’re old enough to raise a child.


We take steroids lol. Many/most variants of BC are 19-nortestosterone derivatives, levonorgestrel for instance, granted the way these hormones impact male vs female physiology is different and I’d never want to take levonorgestrel.

Stealthing isn’t particularly common, and the equivalent (in terms of females) is lying about being on birth control, which unfortunately does occasionally happen.

The sagami original ultra light condom is only 0.01MM in length! Supposedly that’s 1/6th the length of a human hair. To boot supposedly they’re durable and flexible like a normal condom!!!


Sorry for the late response, been super busy. Apollo, my son, has Speech, OT, ABA (25 hours/week) and preschool with an inclusion specialist. He’s must be hardest working 3 year old in the world :rofl:. We’re waiting on the word from insurance for an AAC. He does have his own tablet for watching videos and playing games, but we limit his access to it. Apollo loves big movement, so we have a swing and trapeze set up in the house along with a rock wall, play structure, small trampoline and a rock wall. We also have a large trampoline out back and visit the indoor trampoline park almost weekly.


In lay terms, your rights end at the point of ejaculation. That’s the legal standard.


Congrats, man! It’s an awesome experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.