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Says She's Pregnant but I was on 500mg Test for 12 Weeks


My (almost) 4 year old son is also autistic and currently non-verbal. He has some social issues, but he picks up on practical things super quickly and is brilliant at problem solving. He’s also head and shoulders above his peers, literally. My wife and I are both over 6 feet tall, so it’s expected; we just have to remind him to be gentle because he’s so big and strong. When he’s older I think he’ll love weight lifting just for the proprioceptive input.


One of the biggest things that have helped but is also the biggest downfall…Tech Devices. That Kindle has been amazing for him to learn but it is getting out of hand. Words of advice, limit time spent on devices. There are amazing programs but my son learned how to navigate to the internet. He has found the good and BAD of youtube. I searched his games on the kindle and found one where you can remove clothing from “hot chicks” (his words) and the women will make noises. No nudity but they strip down to lingerie, bras and panties. Make exercising fun. Mine hates when it is exercise time but loves to go hiking in the mountains. He has his own pack he carries with water, jackets, snacks, dry clothes and shoes. Also has his own hiking stick. I am praying he comes around to like the weights because he is going to be a big boy.

Is your son in any therapies? Speech therapy was a miracle for him.


I understand some types of nonsensical sayings/ sarcasm. However in this case (and in many cases) I was unable to sense that OP was joking. I was thinking either he was a girl or he had typed the sentence incorrectly.

My autism is very mild, I can still function as a normal member of society. I may seem a bit strange at times but that’s about it.


Well, looks like this thread got derailed into talking about joke detection autism.

I’m over here nervous af and you guys are having a giggle. I offered to get her the abortion pills before she gets 10 weeks pregnant but she it talking crazy about how she will keep and she wanted to start a family… and bc I have good genetics she said she would rather keep it in case she never has another opportunity. Can’t even ration with her. I don’t want to marry this chick either fukkkkkkkkkkk. My pull out game has never failed me before and she was on BC. Did the test e and proviron make my sperm super sperm? Will the kid be jacked with a huge dong?


Just get a paternity test. You don’t have to be with this woman, but you do have to take care of that child if it’s yours.


You making comments about Autism but thinks pull out game is a form of birth control. I think you might be on the spectrum. Keep not wearing a condom genius. Time to grow up and be a man.


Congrats agains Daddy.


They have pills for up to 10 weeks? I know of the morning after pill. You could probably just grind a few of those up and add em to her morning orange juice and it will do the trick (this was a joke fyi incase anyone didn’t pick up on it)

almost certainly.


Well… lets find out

@physioLojik DR SIR! You just recently had a child, is the child currently 7 foot tall and massive?


Yeah that is the way to do a medical abortion from home if before 10 weeks. Pill cuts off a hormone for the baby. You can get them online on a womens rights website.

If the kids gonna be a Chad Thundercock maybe I should keep him.


She was on BC too… but I wasn’t feeding her the pill everyday so she could be full of shit. Pull out came is on point for over 15 years… Maybe the test made me precum super sperm. Thanks for the congrats…


The good news the kid will be jacked with a huge dong.
The bad news is it might be a girl…jacked with huge dong:)


This thread got weird. Like really weird.


It’s made for a good read that’s for sure.



@unreal24278 na but larger than average for his age - which makes sense. You know my size and you’ve seen my wife. Haha. We have decent genetics :slight_smile:

As for the op - listen man. What did you expect to get here? Everyone said get a test. If she is willing to do an abortion that’s between you two - that being said - this is a life lesson about accountability. Offer to go with her to her appointments and see what’s going on. Let her know you’ll support her no matter what her decisions are regarding this situation because you clearly aren’t interested.


4/100 perfectly executed pull-outs will result in pregnancy. Have you done it 100 times over those 15 years? If so then be happy this is your first unwanted pregnancy, because statistically you should have had a few already.


My middle school math teacher would have given you only partial credit here for not writing it as 1/25.


Some people are lazy! J/k @iron_yuppie


Pull out and she’s on birth control statistics please?


= GPS time