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Says She's Pregnant but I was on 500mg Test for 12 Weeks


Holy shit that’s still a thing?


If Ronnie Coleman can have kids after decades of hard PED use, you can probably have kids during a mild 12 week cycle.


HaHa It worked for me for 30 years and only one night when I was drunk and a bit too slow did I have my daughter.
I don’t think the 30 years olds these days have enough will power to adopt the pullout method at least none of the ones I’ve met do. My generation has really done a crappy job of raising the millennials.


I usually have no other input to offer in #pharma other than “Stay natty”, but this was too juicy not to chime in.

Whether she’s lying or not, you kinda done fucked up either way. Everybody’s got a good message with the man up till the paternity test, but also stop raw doggin it. If this were a contraceptive alternative, it would have marketed as such.

I don’t trust myself with the pullout method.


This is exactly why the only unprotected sex I will have is anal sex. Yes, I find it uncomfortable to walk for a few days afterwards but it’s better than a lifetime of kids with a stranger.


Does anyone trust themselves with the pull out method? I’m 25 so that shit is in no way an option for my dumb arse haha.


sure is among the 18-25 age demographic.


Wait, if you’re having anal sex with a partner why would it be uncomfortable for YOU to walk the next few days


If I had to explain it, then that would mean it wasn’t funny.


@SOUL_FIGHTER haha “too juicy” nice pun my friend.


twas a punny joke



Hope you use a lot of lube. IT must get sore back there. Like a hotdog down a hallway.


Imagine playing catch. One is the pitcher, one is the catcher. HE is the catcher. Better image now?

EDIT FOR Aussie: American baseball style playing catch.


I always find this so interesting. Are you unable to discern the joke because of the inability to read sarcasm? or did you just not understand how it was worded?

Its really interesting to me. After you hear a nonsensical saying, do you understand what it means if you hear it again?

Like if someone said, “Hold your horses” and then explained to you that it meant to hold on, do you remember that in a later conversation?

Sorry this is way off topic.


I think there are a few explanations for this.

First Sarcasm is hard to detect a lot of the times on the internet.

Sometimes, it might not be sarcasm but we just dont know the full story. We don’t know if the subject was male or female. We don’t know if the subject prefers male or females. It would require a few assumptions.

Last, my 10 yr old son has autism. He couldnt detect sarcasm to save his life. If I am joking with him and say something like 'Get outta here", he literally thinks I mean for him to leave.


This is what I was referring to. Its a super interesting subject to me.


So then the next time you say it (after it’s been explained) does he recognize it as sarcasm or is it still a confusing thing?

Also interested. I know there is a wide range of levels to autism. My good friend had aspergers which is a form of autism and was just super socially awkward. I saw him not long ago and it’s almost like he has grown out of it.


This! My son will now ask… are you being sarcastic again?


After I explain that it is just an expression he would understand. But on the same note, he still wont pick up on the tone of sarcasm. If its freezing outside, he asked to go hop in the pool. Me being a smartass said sure go ahead. He went and put on his swimming trunks and was ready to go. Then he got upset because I had to say No swimming, it was too cold.

He also wont lie or say something just to be nice. He is not one for small talk. He was non-verbal until the age of 5. He started out normal then appeared to have a set back in hitting normal milestones around the age of 2 1/2. He gradually got worse from there. He excels at things like tech, reading, and memory. He says the ABC’s backwards. Dr.'s have said he is approx 3-4yrs behind kids his own age group, mentally. BUT he has huge social issues along with short attention span. He turns 10 this year and is already 5’2" and 135lbs.