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Says She's Pregnant but I was on 500mg Test for 12 Weeks

So I had a fling with a woman for about two months mostly during the 500mg/wk Test E cycle. Now she is telling me she is 5 weeks pregnant. That means she got pregnant 1 week after my last shot. I wasn’t even on PCT yet.

Isn’t this impossible since my sperm would be non existent from the shut down? No way it could start back 1 week after right? I think this chick is trying to play with my mind she I cut off the relationship. Should I tell her to stop lying and fuk off?

Sorry dude… completely possible. Time to be a man and pony up until you can get a paternity test.


if you were blasting and cruising without hcg for years then it would be unlikely… but a 12 week cycle? it’s more than possible, sorry bro. definitely get a paternity test when you can… but for the time being just try to be an adult about it

@physioLojik didn’t this exact situation happen to you (although from what I recall you were trying to conceive, but you were on cycle) or am I mistaken

@unreal24278 yessir. Two of my three kids have been created on cycle :wink:


be a man until get a paternity test like others said

very likely to be your child

Congratulations, papa.

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Sounds like it’s time to skip town and change your name…


By the tone of his post, I’m pretty sure this is his plan.


I’ve known other powerlifters that never came off heavy amounts of drugs and were still having kids 15 years into using. In fact I know more people that got women pregnant on than off lol

Hmmmm, I fail to understand why one would engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with an individual who isn’t on hormonal contraception or isn’t a SO that said individual is trying to have a child with.

I mean… I’m a teenager… I’m irresponsible… but I certainly wouldn’t have unprotected sex unless I knew for certain the woman was on the pill or my sperm count read zero (not sure what it is, might be zero)

Is sex w/o a condom really that much better?

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Man fuck all that!

If you know this girl and she is the type to try some shit like this than fuck all that play papa shit. Iv seen to many good guys get tricked up by lieing females.

Stay calm play it cool you can get a test very early on! Make sure you pick the doctor for the test and ask the results get sent to you (I had a buddy who got tricked the girl altered the test results he played papa for 2 years before finding out).

But hey if it is your and she’s keeping it you gotta man up! Too many dead beat dads out there giving us men a bad wrap

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Lol… yes.

Edit: not implying a good idea or worth any risk taking


I can’t believe that someone who thinks they’re grown up and responsible enough to use PED’s is so dumb that they think they’re sterile and can’t get a girl pregnant… I mean, I guess I can, but I’m disappointed that mankind is so dumb.

This is right up there with the kid in my wife’s class who thought using a sandwich bag instead of a condom was fool proof…or the kids who thought you can’t get her pregnant if it’s her first time…or if she’s on her period.


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What about super thin condoms (sorry for the off topic convo here) I’m just curious. I’ve only got experience with a condom, and def wouldn’t risk unprotected sex… Don’t wanna get a girl preggoz at this age.

Like the song says… ain’t nothing like the real thing baby.


I’d be getting a paternity test for sure. Seems like its possible for some guys to still be fertile on cycle without hcg, but just as likely many others wouldn’t. Its understandable that you wouldn’t just accept her word at face value.
99% of women don’t understand how a history of steroids can temporarily, or permanently fuck up a guys fertility. Therefore I can envisage a situation where some women will try to pull the paternity card on you, when it my not be yours(might be though, so if she wants to have you will have to wait and see).
Because of the trickiness of the situation, you need to be very diplomatic with this woman, as she could end being the mother of your kid.

On the bright side, think about how jacked and strong you are dude.

…because clearly the gear was fake.


Wow, lots of replies. Many very helpful and many that are rushing to judgement. The gear was definitely not fake as I gained 25lbs… down about half that now at least though. This girl brought up the pregnancy 1 week after I broke it off with her and started seeing another woman so I thought she was just playing the attention card and trying to get me to still talk to her with the hopes she could get me back.

She was on birth control… so she said… And I used the pull-out method as well. She sent me pics of her pregnancy test but I read how those are easy to fake. I told her to take on in front of me and she started crying saying it would be to emotional and bla bla. So I have my suspicions. I was just checking here bc I read that sperm shuts off but now I know that there is still some swimmers in some people.

Does being on test while impregnating increase the chances of birth defects or problems?

Congrats Daddy. Thank you Dad for having weak pullout game.