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Sayoc Kali Video


I don't post often but thought I'd share this video, thought that you guys might like it.
Certainly on the extreme end of realism in training. These are some tough motherfuxxors.


Some things I found interesting;
The fight went from a long/weapon range straight into grappling,
once in grappling most strikes were, more or less, ineffective, even when one of the guys turtled for a second and took some pretty hard shots to the back of the head he was quite OK (as in, it didn't end the fight). Not to say this would be typical, these guys can obviously take a lot more punishment than the average punter.

I kind of wonder if they had some kind of rule against "soccer kicking" a downed opponent? Also perhaps not allowing eye gouges and the like; though I did see them clawing at each others ears, and I saw one take a shot towards the groin with the end of the stick, which made me cringe, haha.

Surprised me that once the guy in the black shirt was standing, at range and with a weapon while the other guy was unarmed, he couldn't finish the fight,
however once it was around the other way "Mendez" finished it pretty quickly, seemingly through being ruthless/constant in his attacks?

I was impressed by their toughness, I was impressed how well their guard/covering worked against the sticks (to a point, anyway).