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Saying Thank-you


Today two of our Navy Ships came home from the Gulf. The HMCS Protecteur and HMCS Calgary both returning from a six month stretch.

Wanting to treat the sailors that would remain on board. Seventy pizza's we're ordered. The owner of the Pizza Shop got a brain storm and phoned the local elementry school. Then with 70 pizza boxes off to the school he went.

The grade six student were give the honor of writing thank-you letters on the pizza boxes. Many of the kids at the school have parents in the service. What a great idea.

I'm sure the sailors were thrilled, I know I would have been. Small things can make such a huge difference. My hat is off to the Pizzaman!!


That's awesome. Pizza is always awesome.

Where did they dock?


Kind of off topic but...

I have a real good friend who does funeral services for the Air National Guard here in RI. He HATES it when people come up to him to thank him for his sacrifices.

He never has been in a fist fight never mind over seas fighting. He pushes a button on a bugle that plays taps through speakers and he gets accolades like he's a hero.

He is going to Iraq in January so then I guess it will then be warranted.


Wow, that is very thoughtful. Well done.

On a semi related note:

Last week a local florest had a fire, and the day after it happened (and was obviously taken care of by the FD) the owner put up a huge sign on the boarded up windows thanking the police and fire department.


CFB Esquimalt, Vancouver Island, B.C.


People notice and are moved by things like that.

A simple thank you or good job is always sufficient for me when I put in some extra effort.


Aw, that's so sweet. I love stories like this.

My husband was involved in the cleanup at the pentagon after 9-11, and I still remember the day (shortly thereafter) he came back to the car after pumping gas (in uniform) rubbing his eyes and griping about allergies after some little old lady tried to pay for our gas.

She was probably on a fixed income so he wouldn't take her money but she did give him a hug and thank him for defending her freedom. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of a simple thank you.


I'm sure they loved it.

'That pizza was awesome.'
"Fuck yeah it was. Hey, these boxes are dirty..."


You must be thinking of the USA navy!


Wow, that is very cool. I'm happy to hear they got some fun thank-you pizza. ;o)

A thank you means a lot. I nearly cried the first time someone thanked me for my service. I will never forget it. Some of our troops are coming back pretty messed up. I see them every day. They deserve a lot of thanks. ;o)


Hey, careful there :slightly_smiling: