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Say...You Look Like


Okay, SO, my first thread.
I have been wanting to make a thread for a while, something to call my own on here, so I found this topic somewhat amusing to me and thought that other people who are bored might also. I know its lame.
I dont care I think its funny.

People tell me I look like Jude Law.

I ask some if they mean the female version and they say no. Some said Yeah, you have the smaller chin and not as large of a jaw
(the ones who put thought into the answer, that is)
and some say he looks feminine anyways.
Its always been HIM.

Yesterday, another person at this tea place told me I kinda looked
"alil like the guy in the Perdition movie, you know who Im talkin bout? "
I did. SO, I went and looked up his picture, his face is leaner than mine but we have about the same nose, eyes, and lips and our facial structures match, though different by gender.
Ill give you pictures. I have some pictures on the T-Vixens We Would Like To Fuck thread for further reference.

Has anyone else been told by people they look like someone? Or knows someone that looks like someone?


jude law


I think you just screwed up every one of your stalkers fantasy of you.


I've been told I look like Denzel.


When my hair was longer, I used to get Eddie Vedder or the d.j. guy from Northern Exposure.

Also, a friend of mine and I look very similar now that I keep my head shaved.


When I was 16 my family kept teasing me telling me that I looked like David Bowie, and strangers would randomly tell me I looked like Leonardo Dicaprio. Now that I'm almost 22...

People still tell me I look like David Bowie and Leonardo Dicaprio. I'd rather be compared to masculine men than boy toys and gender-bender glam rock stars, but I'll take DAvid Bowie over John Merrick.


That guy looks like a chick and a hot chick at that. He looks about 1 chromosome away from being a woman.
You should take this as a compliment
and at least you dont look like Rob Zombie.
You are pretty and I see this as a pathetic way for a guy to break the ice and start a conversation with you while trying to complement you- you should be flattered.


Hah! Score!


this was before a workout


I thought you looked a bit like Jessica Simpson in one of the pictures you took with your camera phone. It's the eyebrows I think.

I've been told I look like Uma Thurman, but I don't believe it.


Rob Zombie rocks though

Oh dont worry, none of the guys said this to me, mainly the girls-then the guys would just look at me intently and say "yeah...kind of..."

I am flattered-once you wrote that message :slightly_smiling:


i love you


Yeah, someone once told me I looked like Gamera, and I had to incinerate them.

I mean, for the love of god, Gamera is a giant flying turtle, while I am a mutated Godzillasaurus.

We've never even been in the same movie together.



Saying you look like Jude Law is exactly something to be proud of if you're a woman.

I have heard Colin Farrell and george Clooney. Clooney I don't know so much about, but Farrell is fair I think.

Although my girlfriend told me I will age like Nick Nolte.


oh you know.. brad pitt, tom cruise, mathew macconaughey, the usual. lol


I've been told I look like Tom Cruise in risky business...


this is hard to say, but when i met one of my neighbors, they thought that I actually looked like Jude law, even though i have like 50 pounds on him.

Now i hear he looks like an attractive woman, so im really not loving the comparison.


Yeh those girls probably have a thing for Jude. Watch out they may be thinking of you. You are a hottie after all.


No wonder your icon is so attractive. I must inform the other stalkers (in yahoo groups we are known as julia87 Secret Obsessions) of this revelation we may have to question our true intentions! I think you look more like him in your icon, I would have never mentally thought of this, it ruins my ummmm...sessions.

I think what also makes people possibly say this to you, is the fact that you are tall for a woman, and probably the same height as Jude Law 5'10'-5'11".


I've gotten on 3 different occasions from 3 different people lead singers of 3 different bands. This one girl I dated thought I looked like Layne Staley from Alice in Chains. This kid Sammy I played hockey with said Sully from Godsmack. Then some random kid said some band I don't even remember. Maybe I should be a lead singer of a band??