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Say this word

Here it comes…get ready… FILM! Has anyone heard people pronounce it fill-um? I always laugh when I hear somebody say it like that it’s just unnatural. (+ none of my dictionaries have that as a pronounciation)

Drax, me thinks you need a hobby.

The Irish only say fill-um. It drove me nuts when I was studying there.

In some languages it’s said like “fil-um”. When we talk about movies, film for pictures, and the like (with my family) we say fil-um. So think about that before laughing at other people, and take into consideration their accents & mother tongue. Not tryin’ to dis ya, but it may be unnatural to you, but not to others.

Everybody I’ve heard say it that way except for one, has been Canadian originally I think. I wonder if they’re just trying to be cool like those non-British people who say ‘cheers’.

Drax, you don’t want to hear an average Croatian pronouncing word “civic”. :slight_smile:

I’m Canadian and I don’t say fil-um and neither does any other Canadian that I know. I think it’s those British people that started this one!

I have a friend from SI,NY and he puts “s”'s on the end of everything. I want to punch him when he says “underwears” and “St Paulie’s Girl”.

Well, down South some people say Fil-um. (It’s what they go to see in a the-A-ter.)

My first boyfriend was from Staten Island, NY and he said fill-um. It used to make me laugh… very cute.