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SAY.........please shut up.

I am sorry it had to come to this, I really am. Since you have decided however to dietize Chompsky I feel it is neccesary…please shut up. You actually make me question the first amendment, and the entire Canadian people. So I propose this, set up a topic, you can call it Say’s elitist leftist thread where one can read regurgitated Chompsky theories that have no relevance in todays society. So now everytime you feel like going to Chompsky’s web page and copying and pasting some inane quote you will have a place to post it where it will not bother the rest of us. Then anyone who is tripping on shrooms or acid, or any other drug that Chompsky would advocate to be legalized can head over to your topic…Lastly unlike Say aka little Chompsky I believe in Democracy I say we take a vote, please cast a yay if we wish to ban Say to his own thread or an “I am a socialist” aka nay…Thank you all for your time.

I thought you had something until you said dietize. Am I eating Chomsky or what? I think his writings should be ‘digested’ though by everybody. I kept reading though & but stopped when you said I was an “elitist leftist” (your words) & then fell on the floor laughing at what a contradiction that is.

Do you wish to play "fun with spelling and grammar with me Say? Ok then “I kept reading though & but stopped when you said I was an “elitist leftist” (your words) & then fell on the floor laughing at what a contradiction that is.” I believe your English teacher would be upset with you Say since placing conjunctions next to one another in a sentence is improper.
Also your comment about “elitist leftist” being a contradiction, what would you call a bleeding heart liberal who believes his views tower above the rest of the worlds, I think elitist leftist is accurate.

Next time I go to Canada, I hope say and I meet. However, he would take one look at me, drop his latte (made in America) and run into his little flat above the McDonald’s.

 Shut up SOB... I mean Say.

So if we don’t vote the way you want scall144 we are socialists? Well my vote is nay. If you don’t wanna pay attention to him don’t reply back, it’s that simple.

P.S. I’m a libertarian.

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t he still a high school kid? Why get worked up over someone who hasn’t even worked a job, been out on his own, etc? I don’t waste time arguing with grownups, let alone kids. i think he’s a wimpy little lefty, but who really cares? when you hit about 40 you get the been there done that attitude that prevents you from getting excited by these people.

Zeppelin how many times to do I have to pick your arguements apart? I don’t believe everyone who disagrees with me is a socialist, however I do believe those who advocate the abolition of self interest and capitalism in general are socialist. O, I am an aquarius, wait that has nothing to do with this arguement, and neither does the fact that you are a self proclaimed libertarian.

Maybe scall should be the new uber-moderator, with oversight over all postings and power to censor all of this dangerous material.

You and your friends’ (say, restless, iscariot, zepplin) responses aren’t in the least bit dangerous. They are hilarious!!! I encourage you to speak up. You do more harm for your cause than the good guys ever could. Please keep talking. Good Guys will keep working, striving, and winning.

Thanks McKee great idea.

To scall144: Do yourself a favor, please come down off your undeserved hubris. As far as my arguements are concerned you almost always do a tap dance number around them.
In your post you implied that if you vote nay then you are aka “a socilaist”.

You also stated that I’m a self-proclaimed libertarian - as if I’m making it all up. What gives you that idea?

And again, if you don’t like what say posts, then don’t reply.

How am I lumped into that group? Is it because I must be either 100% with you or I’m against you? The only political topic on which I have expressed extensive personal views is that of free expression.

To scall et all:
Free expression and open dialogue are the principles on which this nation is based. Whether you love or hate a person’s views, they should never be pushed to the side and discarded. Otherwise there is nothing separating this nation from the despotisms you claim to despise. America is not America without pluralism. Though I rarely find Say’s arguments to be all that stimulating or enticing, muzzling him is not the “American” answer.

I have a suggestion and it may sound bizarre. Look at the top of a new post in the “author” field and if it says, “Say”, hit the “Page Down” key. If you don’t want to read something you don’t have to. It’s called freedom of choice. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Which makes me wonder why you are so determined to see opposing views eliminated.

Though some people may need to see their views supported without dissent to coddle their fragile egos, I view dissent and debate as positives; proof the system is working. The only reason you are able to question the First Amendment without facing arrest is because it’s there. You may not love the Constitution but I still do, that’s why I’m supporting the ideals set forth within it. You claim to support democracy, but you apparently oppose free and unfettered speech. How does one reconcile such opposing views?

Here’s the problem people like Say need feedback because they are a lonely 16 year old high school kid probably never gotten laid and they are lonely. So they need attention and this is how they get by us posting on his far waco polictal views. So what I suggest from everyone is just to ignore what Say has to say. If you don’t want to hear what he has to say.

Although,I am going to regret posting this because I am sure he will respond.

I truelly had enough of this politcal debate on this forum. Now lets get somethingelse going like summer movies people can’t wait to see, some good cooking reciepe, or what cars people have or dream of owning. The War is almost over so this debate should be done and over with. I know I had enuff.

U know, Robert hainlin (spelled right?) that big oll’ nazi, said that only those that served their country in the field should be allowed to vote.

not a fuckin bad idea.

its that readiness to give your life for an ideal that proves without a doubt u can be trusted with the future that ideal.

ok it is a bad idea… but hearing Say is a school kid makes me nod to mysef and go “knew it…” only a dumb bastard with no experience in real life but the ivory tower of reading without experiencing will go where he went…

if any1 found any grammar rules raped here - I dont pretend to have good english so screw that.

You know, US=GG, I might actually pay your opinions a deal more creedence if you had more than sporadic contact with the facts, but since all I ever see from you is personal abuse, I’m not too worried.

I’m glad you find myself, and those others whom you have named, funny. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same in your case, but then the only thing I feel for you is pity.

Tell me, what is it like to be so scared by difference that you paint those who disagree with your worldview as bad people.

The irony of your pairing me with say is also somewhat pitiful. While I understand that you have difficulty making valid inferences and indeed thinking in something vaguely resembling a logical manner, even someone as myopic as yourself can surely see that say and I agree on very little.

What we do agree on is free speech.

Certainly I feel at times what say says could be phrased more judiciously, but the same could be said of some of the more, enthusiastic arguments made against him.

So, as I understand it, I’m a bad person, then again, the opinions of conservatives on the board who don’t think I’m a bad person, matters a lot more to me than those of a cultural-xenophobe like yourself.

But that’s how fear and hatred speak

Keep the curses and insults coming, if nothing else they’ll eventually imprive your ability to construct coherent dialectic.

love and kisses

YAY. In favor of the confinement option. Total ban would be better though. There are tons of other forums on the Net where he will definitely not be the odd-man. I believe he is here. For the PC-crowd who reads this, in your language it is called ‘Quality Control’. ;0)

I would vote for the total ban as well except I do believe in free speech.

To Zepplin I don’t tap dance at all, I take your arguements apart piece by piece and then you move on to another topic usually with no relation to the initial one.

To McKee… What happened, I thought you wanted me to be the uber-moderator, with complete control. You are wrong however, I do support free speech, and the constitution. I do not support puppets who have no thoughts of their own and merely wish to cut and paste ideas from other websites, if I wanted to read Chomsky propaganda I would head over to www.headupmyass.com and check it out.


The last post SHOULD have ended with…

~ Dolly Parton

…Hell, if I had TITS I would NEVER get to work on time…:wink:


Radical idea coming through…

Maybe, just MAYBE, those “like” Say are necessary here. It seems like an awful lot of you enjoy debating (arguing with) him. As I don’t see anyone stepping up and posting other, more interesting topics in the O/T forum, maybe Say is just what you are looking for? I would think that this forum is the PERFECT example of “Free enterprise”…If the public don’t want it, the public don’t buy it…Survival of the “Fittest”, and MANY of you seem to be “Buying” (replying) it. So, who’s to blame for the continued posting of Say’s nonsense?, any and all who have ever given life to his posts by replying to them, that’s who.

Besides, if it were not for Say, how much fun would it be if it was just “Right” people on this forum? Group hugs for everyone!..Boring…very, very Boring.

I should also add that demonstrations of intellect like iscariot are wont to post should at the very least be respected for content even when disagreed with, without intelligent debate this forum would be reduced to “Is too, Is NOT!” you are a STUPID HEAD" rants.

And we don’t want that.

Do we?

“Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy”

~ Jesse Jackson

P.S…that lsat post? belongs in another thread…Hal is acting up again…