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Say NO to Tom Cruise


I think it's time T-Nation became a viable political force, using its clout to effect meaningful change.

As such, I'd like members to take the following pledge:

"I, (the undersigned), pledge never to go to another Tom Cruise movie again...unless, of course, it's a really good movie, in which case we'll kind of blur our eyes when he's on screen and pretend it's someone slightly more masculine, like maybe Tobey McGuire, that Topher Grace kid from "That 70's Show," or maybe Hillary Swank."

If enough people sign below, I'll send this to Viacom in the hopes that we prevent this silly, silly man from ever appearing on screen again.


LOL! Tom Cruise is an idiot but I will be seeing MI3. I mean, there are explosions and shit...and breasts!


I'm in, I hate that idiot.


Funny you should say this. I was just thinking the other day about how I never saw "War of the Worlds" simply because he was in it. I loved the original too.

How he's changed is unbelievable. This is not the Top Gun Cruise that we once knew.

Its a shame, because he is a great actor. But I can't stomach him anymore.


I'm in, but I might hop off the wagon temporarily if some quality T&A is involved.


Sign me up!


I'm in.

Hillary Swank could kick Tom Cruise's ass.


Sign me up. He's not a good actor and I'd be happy to never see another movie of his.


I'm in, too. *

While we're at it, can we add Mel Gibson?

Just a thought.


*I do, of course, reserve the right to add Top Gun to my netflix queue every now and again, though. I mean, the volleyball scene . . .


In. I'll never see another Tom Cruise movie again.

The movie contains a super-babe's first nude scene.

I never would've missed Swordfish, no matter who the star was.


This is great, I almost rented it the other night but then I remembered he was the STAR, and chose something else. It really is a shame.

I'm in agreement with the T&A loophole.


I'm in..but since I always thought he was a pussy I guess I'm not giving up a lot.


Okay, I'm in on the anti-douchebaggery of Tom Cruise, but this post bothered me.

You're grouping Mel Gibson along with him? Have you seen Braveheart? Mel Gibson is still a-okay in my book, religious propaganda or not.

And the volleyball scene? Come onnnnn, give me a break, you might as well say that horrific scene of him dancing in his tighty whities in that other movie, because it's just about as fruity.

I think Misty May shows more testosterone on a volleyball court than the whole of those oiled up 140 pounders in that volleyball scene...

But anyway, yeah, Tom Cruise sucks ass...



Who's this soon-to-be-naked chick?

My participation hinges on this knowledge.


I'm in.

He and Isaac Hayes can go broke and get stuck on Hollywood Squares for all I care.


Sign me up!


I'm down for that, but I refuse to picture tobey mcguire in ANYTHING.


Trust me you didn't miss anything by not seeing that movie. I'm in.


Tom Cruise was never a favorite of mine.
I have to admit that some of the movies were good but not because he is such a brilliant actor.
Enough jibba jabba...sign me up. (with the t&a loophole of course)


I'm in.

Can we add that bible thumping Baldwin brother to the list?