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Say it ain't so, Grow!

Now that Grow! is unavailable for a couple of months, what MRPs are yall gonna use in the meantime? Any rationale behind your choices other than taste and price?

Stockpile! there is a store 'round here called steere’s nutrition that has a couple shelves full of grow! You can order from him, the steeresnutrition site.

Keep in mind that the sucralose shortage will affect all companies that use it in their products. I guess some may just put out inferior products for a while, though. Glad Biotest isn’t doing that.

As for me, I’m just going to use Advanced Protein and add a little flax and fruit. No big deal. I haven’t used Grow! much since Surge and AP came out anyway. Maybe one a day (used to be 3 or 4 a day!)

Ever since Advanced Protein came out, I use that primarily. You can make a mrp out of it by blending 2 scoops in water with 1 serving of oatmeal. That’s almost the exact nutritional equivalent of Grow (in terms of macronutrients). Alternativley, milk and fruit in Advanced Protein can do the same.

Why sucralose? I guess it has a better flavor than Aspartame. Unless Biotest is avoiding Aspartame because of the PR issues - you know, the fanatics that think there is a conspiracy and Aspartame is bad for you (bullshit).

MET-RX works just fine for me. Good taste, resonable price.

Well, platehead, I don’t know if aspartame
is in fact unhealthy or not. But I do know
that it gives me a vicious headache. So I
can’t/don’t use it. Perhaps you are fortunate
that you do not have (or at least don’t
notice) any side effects from aspartame. Any
company that wants my business won’t use
aspartame in their products. I am glad that
Biotest chooses not to.

I just mix Advanced Protein with 1/2 to 1 cup of oatmeal and then add a few packets of sucralose. Tasty.

Platehead, aspartame isn’t 'natural"

Dorian Yates MRP chocolate is my second favourite, nice and thick just like Grow!

Met-rx. Just as others have cut back on other MRP’s, I have cut back on Grow. I’m relying more and more upon Met-rx protein primarily because of cost.

Okay, even though I don’t like EAS all that much anymore, I can’t say that I don’t like a good ol’ Myoplex…I have tried a few other MRPs but they taste crappy and/or don’t mix that well…I would like to start using GROW but here is the kicker…at the local GNC I can buy a 42 count box of Myoplex for only US$52, THAT IS BY FAR THE CHEAPEST PRICE FOR THE AMOUNT OF SERVINGS. Oh and also, on the Gold Card day(which happens to be today), it is 20% cheaper…so that’s that.

Oh by the way, is there any advantage to taking Grow as opposed to Myoplex? I would switch if there was a vast difference, but the sheer economics tell me to keep getting Myoplex.

I haven’t used grow, but my MRP’s come from Optimum Nutrtion. 20 packs for $28.99 or 30 servings in one container for $39.99 (I think.) You can’t be the price and it’s high quality stuff. You do need to add extra carbs to your drinks, though. Best tasting MRP I’ve ever had hands down and it mixes without a blender.

Besides GROW!, and Myoplex, I like Labrada’s Lean Body. Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Wild Berry are good. They just aren’t as thick as GROW!

Strawberry Myoplex Deluxe or Met-rx white chocolate mocha

I’ll be using Isopure in the meantime. It’s low sugar, and about 25 carbs per 50 protein, and pretty decent quality. I can buy it in an 8.8 pound bucket for ~$60.

Advanced Protein, without a doubt, tastes better than any MRP or protein powder I’ve had in the past 18 years, and I’ve probably tried them all since I work in the natural foods/supplement industry. Try 2 scoops Adv. Protein with a tablspoon of peanut butter for variety, or add it to unsweetened yogurt or oatmeal for carb/protein meals. Great stuff!

My choice is HDT Pro-Blend 55, not a mrp, but it mixes well without a blender, is not thick, and is a blend of whey and caseinate. Total of 55 g protein, 7 g carb, 1.5 g fat in 2 scoops.
Also available at GNC. Tastes good mixed with 1 tsp natural peanut butter!