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Say Cheese!

Obviously we all know that fish oil and flax oil are great sources of essential fatty acids. But what about some “whole” food ideas. Yes yes…lean beef, cottage cheese, whey, tuna, poultry, natural peanut butter, and mixed nuts are great sources of the “good” fats. What does everyone think about cheese? Lately, I have been eating alot of good ol’ New York State sharp cheese with some ground turkey burgers. Not too much though…just an ounce or so. Cheese is a zero carb food and has around 9 grams of fat per serving…however, 5-6 grams are saturated. Just wonderin whether or not anyone else is a proponent of cheese or if they avoid it all together. I tend to use cheese as part of a P+F meal…does anyone else? See ya…Tony G


1 oz of cheese will contain at least 1g of carb. I’ve yet to find no-carb cheese.

Per JB, fatty dairy food = should be avoided. He listed food to eat and food to avoid, and you can find the list in one of his articles (Winning Formula Part 2 I think). But I do agree that cheese is soooo tasty…(and tempting to eat for P+F…I personally prefer mozarella, swiss, and gouda…yum)


Tony, I think that cheese can be a valuable part of anyone’s diet. Saturated fats are necessary for health (we all know about their effect on hormones), so why not get some from cheese? I wouldn’t go overboard, though, which is easy to do with cheese.

Alright Stella,
If we want to get technical…1 ounce of cheese does have 1 carb…haha. Geez…do you always have to be right…:o)

Tony G,

No, I don’t always have to be right. :wink: I thought you found the true no-carb cheese! Now I’m heart-broken. My expectations, my hope…all dashed…gone. dramatic tragic gesture

Anyways, cheese is so easy to overeat, at least for me, either by itself or with a good glass of wine. One time I ate 1/2 FRICKING pound of gouda in one day with two glasses of excellent chardonnay. (That’s approx. 800 cal from the cheese alone…sigh)

I’ve found a couple of zero-carb cheddars. I’m in the Pacific NW, so not sure what kind of distribution these companies have, but you might want to look around. They are Tillamook and Bandon, both made in Oregon. The both claim to have zero carbs per ounce.

Here’s a question, not just about cheese, but about the carb level of any product. If something has less than 0.5 grams fat per serving, we all know they can legally call it “fat free”.

Is it the same with carbs? Just wondering if an ounce of “zero carb” cheese could actually have 0.4 gr carbs, but they put zero on the label. I would imagine (hope) they would put “less than one gram”, but I’m not sure. Anyone know?

< Homer >

Mmm… Gouda…

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I usually have a slice per day in a P+F.
Is this ok?

I could swear I looked at the label of Tillamook Medium Sharp Cheddar cheese and it said “0” carbs per one ounce.

Unless your porking down on whole milk, regular cottage cheese, and other fatty dairy products, I personally wouldn’t worry about eating it occasionally.

And you’re right - it’s gooooood!

I’ve been doing t-dawg for a month now, and eating quite a bit of cheese. I’ve done similar things before (like fat fast) and eating tons of it. I lost little or no weight in both instances.

This week I haven’t touched cheese and am down 4 pounds. Weird huh? So far as I can tell the only change has been not eating cheese. Cals have remained constant. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that for some of us, cheese is NOT cool.

temporary hijack

Hey, aikigreg, T-Dawg or T-Dawg 2?

I’m asking because I’m wrapping up week five of T-Dawg 2 and am loving the results so far!

How it working for you?

T-Dawg II. Started Feb 25 and dropped 5 lbs the first week, and somehow gained it all back this past weekend - I’m thinking I overextended my carb load cheat meal :smiley:

Cut out the cheese and started hot-rox Monday and I’ve dropped the offending re-gained lbs already. :slight_smile:

I’m just a freak. Almost no diet works for me, but I’m working on it! Hopefully this is the start of a new me.

I eat grass-fed cheese from Trader Joe’s. I’m not too concerned about a little saturated fat, and grass-fed, full fat dairy foods are the best natural source of CLA.

personally i live off of mozarella, literally. I have my fridge stocked with the cinder blocks you buy at price club. Toss in some peanuts, fish oil, flax, and/or jerky and you have your self a cheap F + P meal. Is it the healthiest of meals, of course not, but i’m in college and don’t have money, and to quote Cy “I’m 19 years old and therefore, seven feet tall and bullet proof”

Seems to be that for the most part, most of you ARE including cheese in a P+F meal. WHEW…and I thought I was the only one. And Stella…you are right…one definetely has to “limit” the cheese. I generally limit myself to an ounce per day. However, fat free chedder cheese is another story. I eat atleast 3-4 slices per day. Okay, enough talk about cheese for crying out loud…I’m getting hungry!