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Sawhorses as Safety Pins



they claim that each one is very solid and can handle over 300kg, what do you think? Id use them for benching/squatting


Personally I would prefer a homemade style sawhorse over a piece of 1x10 that would probably snap in half.


could you explain (English is my third language) ?


If they can be adjusted to the right heights, and support the weight, then it should work fine.


Lol, I think the metal stands that the board is on are what he is talking about.


Lol I hope so. But I would still be careful with what you use as a cross section. It would probably support a decent amount of weight, but if you dropped anything significant on it, I'm afraid that it may not hold. Any engineers in here? Lol.


If they're the right height for whatever exercises you plan on doing, it's probably better than nothing. I'm 6'2" and haven't felt super-comfortable using them for much of anything.

That said, if you do plan on using them for training, realize that it's not what it was actually intended for and even though it's "rated" to support over 300kg (which I tend to doubt), it's not intended to have weighted barbells dropped on it repeatedly. So I'd consistently and carefully inspect the length of the supports before and after every training session, while saving up for a legit power rack or set of squat stands.


Yea but that weight is shared by both horses.

Just don't squat over 600kg :slightly_smiling:

I'm impressed by your ingenuity though.


Should be fine


I tried saw horses once, I hated it. They were the wrong height, didnt seem stable enough, they were huge and messed with my peripheral vision.

I found a used cage and never looked back.