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Saw This Quote on Facebook


I saw this on my girlfriend's brother's profile.

It was once said that a black man would be president 'WHEN PIGS FLY'...indeed 100 days into Obama's presidency...SWINE FLU


edit: Fixed



well done (whoever wrote it)


LOL. Thats funny.


That's not funny.


I got that as a forwarded text just this morning. And no, not funny.


come on, if we can't laugh at the success of a minority population coupled with a deadly, new virus mutation then what can we laugh at?


I bet the soulless crazies on PWI would get a kick out of this.


As a University of Delaware student facing 10 possible cases of Swine Flu (and counting!), I give you all permission to make swine flu jokes. I was at the bar with friends last night and they had their Quizzo night. Between running madly out to the live newscaster who was broadcasting 200 feet away from super drunk people, I got let in on some of the more interesting team names:

"Hey baby, let's get swine flu!"
"I got swine flu for the chicks!"
"Swine flu is sexy"
"You don't have swine flu, you have an STD because you're a whore!"
"Masquerade Party at the Little Bob"
(The little bob is the school gym, and it's been turned into a base of operations for handling possible cases of swine flu. And they've been passing out those flu masks like mad)

and last but not least:
"Stephen Hawking's Nikes (The Fatest on the Block!)"

That last one had nothing to do with swine flu, but it was my team and winning Quizzo paid for my whole bar tab.

So, to recap: I live in a relatively isolated population which very much could have as many, or more, cases of Swine Flu than the entire state of California where the Governator just declared a state of emergency. You have my permission to make fun of the swine flu.


It's not that I'm not laughing because it's such serious business, I just don't think it's funny. I'm the first person to laugh at something serious...but it has to be funny.


I admit it, I did chuckle.

If we can't make jokes combining prejudice and pandemics, really, what the hell are we doing here?


i'm in the same boat, but i have to admit that i did laugh at this.


That sums it up perfectly. I'll laugh at anything no matter how sick it is. This, was not.


You're still drunk .. aren't you Doug


I do not confirm nor deny this.


At least pigs have the freedom to fly now..


doug, holy crap, your wwf avatar is awesome.


damn, didn't see this thread.

I laughed hard at this one. Lanky- you don't find it funny? odd


Lol, thanks. Saw it on another forum and it cracked me up, so I had to have it.


1 /10