Saw This and It's More True Every Day

Ran across this and although it’s been said a million times … it’s more true today than a few years ago even. I see more and more women on the squat racks … less and less men. Had a beautiful girl on the track team from the local college complement me that I was squatting the other day. She said she never sees guys squat any more … let alone going full extension. Pretty cool complement (especially as her legs were world class …LOL) but also kind of sad that guys legs seem to be getting more and more spindly … and women’s legs are getting more and more muscular …

It’s true. There are a few men at my gym who squat properly but most who actually get in the squat rack do half-assed squats. Having said that, there are not many women who even venture into the free weight room at my gym. I’ve seen two others than myself.

Simple…it’s because you can’t wear skinny jeans if you squat :slight_smile:

If you’re a male and lift weights you can’t wear 85% of the clothes in trendy stores.

Yep … nothing quite like the feeling for a guy of getting complimented on squatting 135 from a women doing 225! LOL