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Saw The Strangest Thing


Actually this was longer ago than a few days, but I think its worth mentioning. I was at the mall with my finacee, and this tall lanky middle aged man walked past us. Sounds like nothing, but he was wearing a white dress shirt that he didnt bother wearing an undershirt with. You could clearly make out what appeared to be bra straps underneath. I pointed it out to her, wondering what it could be. As I think the guy heard me, he turned around to show that he actually was wearing one...and....it was filled. Not with socks or toilet paper, but with man boobs. I kid you not, they were bouncing up and down like womens boobs. We actually saw him a few more times while we were there, keeping a quick pace and walking around the mall. It confirmed what we speculated before. I think I'm forever disturbed.

So my question to you guys, what has been the strangest thing you've ever seen? UFOs? Bright lights from heaven? Men dressed as women? Woman with a penis? Man-boobs man with a lady's bra on?


Well, I don't know if this was the strangest thing ever, but it was pretty amusing and on the same line as your story.
I worked mall security for about five years. I have a ton of mall stories, I was a Super Trooper, but I will stay on task.
My partner, Gilbert, and I got called to a shoplifting case. Gilbert is a 340 pound black man, a former college nose tackle, and about the gentlest man you'd ever meet. Gilbert was a devout Christian, never said a bad thing about another, and the worst I ever heard him cuss was to say 'Gawd dog'.
Long story short, our shoplifter was a pre-op transexual. Gilbert was dumbfounded, I don't think he even knew that it was possible. We had to take information, run ID checks, etc. We had to figure out whether to book him (her, it?) as a male or female. The best line ever, EVER, was ol' Gilbert saying, jaw hanging open, truly at a loss for words,
"He had, she had breasts...and a penis."


Wearing one of these?


It was 2:35am this March 25th, and I was coming home late after working the 3-11:30pm shift (I'm a nurse). A song with the lyrics "dream weaver" played on the car radio. I happened to be looking into the sky directly ahead of me as I drove West. All of the sudden this bright light appears, rectangular in shape, with a definite green tint. It appeared at about 35 or 40 degrees to the horizon and traveled rapidly downwards on an angle. It was visible for about two or three seconds, then faded completely at about 20 degrees to the horizon. My jaw dropped in disbelief. There were three cars ahead of me on the road, but none of them seemed to notice the light, as none of them stopped or slowed down. It crossed my mind to stop one of the cars ahead of me to ask the person if they saw it also, but I had to stop for a red light and lost sight of them. This "UFO" appeared to have been very large and miles away and could not have been some type of model aircraft. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen or probably ever will see.


Actually that is quite common where I live but then again Pattaya IS a strange place :wink:





I admit, none of what I said surprises me. I saw plenty of it while attending college. But that was more as a joke than anything else. This guy was walking around like it was normal to do that. I guess whatever...and a strange whatever at that.

And I have a new favorite. Again at the same mall, a young guy in his 30s was walking around with a nightie on, hair tied back, 5 oclock shadow and definitely wearing a womans bra. Hey...maybe somebody lost a bet....

Suckers. We must suck at bet in this city.


Believe it or not satellites and space electronic equipment burn green when re-entering the atmosphere. I saw what appeared to be a green meteor one nite coming home on the highway from Miami. It was brilliant and lit up the entire sky. My dad called Nasa and talked to some knowledgeable people and they informed him electronics burn a bright green and it could've been an obsolete satellite re-entering the atmosphere.


Believe it or not satellites and space electronic equipment burn green when re-entering the atmosphere. I saw what appeared to be a green meteor one nite coming home on the highway from Miami. It was brilliant and lit up the entire sky. My dad called Nasa and talked to some knowledgeable people and they informed him electronics burn a bright green and it could've been an obsolete satellite re-entering the atmosphere.

Thanks for posting. That's interesting. I had no idea what it could be. The light I saw was bright but not enough to light up the sky.


I'll have to go with UFO choice. Although it was just lights over Tahlequah, OK doing what lights can't do. They made strange "J" shaped moves that were impossible for any aircraft. Also, they would just fade out, then reappear in another spot only to fade out and reappear in the first spot. The biggest doubter of anything supernatural I've ever known, actually said, "I know believe UFO's MIGHT exist. It is possible."

In the early 50's my dad was a tailgunner on a B-29 during the Korean war. They spotted a formation of ligts that were WAY above the maximum altitude of any arcraft in existence.

Also, I lived in a haunted house in Tahlequah with a couple room-mates. I never directly saw anything, but there were a lot of creepy moments. Shadows and movement out of the corner of your eye, cold spots of air, things falling over, etc. One Cherokee friend who had never heard about any of this actually stopped walking as soon as he hit the living room and said, "What's in this house?" It really freaked me out when a person who grew up there told me about seeing the "little boy" ghost and a "cloaked figure". The cloaked figure even appeared for a moment to one of her aunts and tried to appear to be Grandmother. The woman that grew up their decribed the cloaked figure not as having a trait of evil, but rather as being evil itself. She described what one room mate, Brian, kept seeing in a recurring themed dream. The little boy had a face that was weathered like an old man's and he would always say, "this is a bad place. You need to leave here". She also felt the boy had died in house at some fault of the cloaked figure. After I had moved away, Brian had a dream in which he was chasing the cloaked figure and yelling, "Lightning can't strike twice! Two people can't die in this house." About 6 months later, a close friend committed suicide in my old bedroom there.

  • I don't expect everybody to believe this and I really don't care. I have chills from head to toe just typing about it though. I'm not a Christian and I don't really believe in the traditional heaven and hell. However, I definitely believe in the existance of evil.


UFOs are definitely real. A major part of WWII was a race to obtain technologies of ancient cultures (Maya, Egypt, etc). It is believed that both Germany and US have built "flying saucer" type ships that use UFO tech.

Nevertheless, check out the Disclosure Project ( http://www.disclosureproject.com ). 400+ ex-partriots are willing to testify before Congress their stories involving government cover up of UFOs/alien races.


4est, that gave me chills reading it man.

I would've been out of that house quick smart! Freaky stuff!


If I were in a house and repeatedly had dreams about children with progeria telling me to move out, coupled with seeing really weird shit during the day... I would immediately find a new house.


hmm not sure the strangest but:
1) a skinny tall guy with big gyno problem
2) a Sir with his slave in Ibiza
3) my cat hunting the big dog of a friend
4) a car crash between a porche and a horse


When I was younger we lived in an old farm house in central Illinois. Any ways we would be sleeping and at night the rockin chair on the porch would rock like there was someone sitting in it. If kind of freaked my dad out so he moved the chair to the other side of the porch thinking it was the wind. The following day the chair was back by the front door when we woke up.

My mother has an old time foot locker that is made of leather, it's not the shit you buy at wal-mart. Any ways the tags on the inside date this foot locker back to early 1800's. Me and my brother's used to use it as a toy box when we were kids, and my brother would stare at it and complain of a man sitting in his toy box, and he would be very animate about a man sitting in his toy box. I know some kids will imagine people but he would scream at the top of his lungs and appear genuinely frightened. I have since grown up and my kids use the foot locker as a toy chest and my oldest boy talks to the man in his toy box.I have never seen the man but I have heard that because of a childs innocence they can see things, ghosts and stuff like that.



What does the man say?


I don't think it would take me too long to get out of that house. Every hair on my body was standing up while I read that story.

I once slept in a haunted house with my wife. In the morning, before the owner told us it was haunted, my wife and I recounted that we had the same dream, of an old woman in white, with a lace veil and a dog were at the foot of the bed looking at us. I had an additional dream however, that the woman and dog returned. This time she was wearing a black dress with a black veil and the dog was mean. The dog bit my finger in the dream. I had a little chunk of skin missing from my finger tip.

I can't say for sure that I didn't bite my own finger in my sleep, but it was
very weird. There were no occurrences the second night.



I've heard that too. Last week, I was flying with my wife and kids. Our 3-year old was a little antsy, so my wife was talking to her. As we turned onto the runway for takeoff, my wife tried to distract her by saying, "look Jilly, there's the wing." My daughter said, "I see the wing. And there's an angel on it." I guess it was a guardian angel instead of the Angel of Death.



Damn, that gave me the heebie-geebies. I'm lucky in that I don't think I've ever seen or heard anything like that.

I'm now going to have to develope a strategic plan of supernatural asskickery should I ever need it.


Well, there were some reports of strange loud noises rattling windows and steel doors all over the country:


And overseas:


Some explanations within reason:


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