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SAW the Movie


Has anyone seen this movie? I just saw it and all I can think is holy shit.


I think that overall, it sucked. I think it was a good attempt, but it failed to really get more decent actors to play those parts well enough to make the story more interesting. Had they really casted better for the two guys stuck in that bathroom together, I think I would have liked it better. It was a movie in the same vein as Seven, but the acting kept it from hitting its mark.

I am still trying to figure out why they gave Danny Glover one of the smaller roles to play.


It was one of those deals where they attracted a big name star by promising that he'd have to do very little work against a piece of the back end. He has 2% of the gross, I think.

Meanwhile, C. Elwes is suing his management company (which put the deal together) because he was promised the same thing, but has gotten stiffed.


When I was watching I thought the DVD was skipping a lot . . . but it turned out to just be all the plot holes.

Thank you thank you.

Honestly though, for me the ending made up for all of that. I see where you're coming from thinking "holy shit".

Overall a very flawed movie. Pretty amazing that they shot in 18 days.


It is like they started out with there being a purpose to all of that...and then the director just said, "fuck it, let's just torture and kill some people".


I really liked the start a lot, thought it was gonna be a great movie.

But then it got stupid. Why the hell would a man charge at a room full of barbed wire?

Why is every villain in a horror movie presented as some type of superior being?

Why was everyone in the movie presented as if they in some way 'deserved' the torture?

Why the hell wouldn't you notice someone pretending to be dead three feet away from you?

Too many holes, way too contrived and just another annoying film presenting lunatics as admirable geniuses.


They sure made danny's character an idiot huh? This guy had so many chances to catch the bastard, but noooo "lets see what hes doing" "lets chase him when we can shoot him" "lets try and arrest him without removing the robe or patting him down" "lets look away while hes right infront of me" "lets chase him some more, even though i can easily shoot him in the leg and then beat the shit out of him"


While I wouldn't go so far as to say it sucked, I had higher expectations for it. I am hopeful that the creators have learned things, and that SAW 2 will be an improvement.

I really didn't find the movie scary per se, more disturbing.


I found it to be full of holes. Why was the doctor involved at all? He didn't sleep around on his wife even though he was planning to at first. How did the wife know about the photographer? Why is the killer so deathly ill yet still around to make a sequel!?


I can care less about the movie. It was OK nothing special but I will answer a few of your questions.

The man didnt have any other way to get out. He didnt run into it. He just got so cut up he died on his way out.

Villian isnt some super hero. He's just the bad guy. If he didnt continually live through out the movie, there wouldnt be a movie, right?

They didnt notice that he was alive because he druged himself and he was "out" during it all. Everything else was set up prior to that. Such as the guy he forced to do everything for him while he was "out."


Way, overdone.... and the body in the bathroom was stupid. As prof said, it just missed the mark.

A couple nights ago I watched a special about the pizza bomber. Remember the guy with the collar bomb? That is one bizarre tale. He even had a scavenger hunt type list of tasks to complete. The tasks started with him robbing a bank. Then they would lead him to 4 keys required to unlock his collar bomb. However, the tumblers in the collar were fake. It was not designed to be removed. As the story unfolded I thought, "this could have been the inspiration for Saw".


Heh, I liked it. Not as good as se7en (I am beginning to think that no movie can catch up with se7en in the psychological thriller genre) but not really poor either...

Apparently Saw 2 is coming out in October.

now we know why Jigsaw wasnt captured or killed...haha


I liked it, it wasn't as good as Se7en, but none-the-less it was good to see that type of movie at least attempted again... I left the theatre entertained.

There is no reason to watch it again, though.



True - some of the images totally f-ed with me mentally but there were so many holes. The dead guy being the mastermind was as if they were trying to incorporate an M. Knight Shamalan (sp) twist ending. Movie had lots of potential, but totally unraveled.


I thought the sawing was over-done.

 I like this movie and am normally not impressed at all by the genre.  I guess I just want to be entertained and this movie fit the bill.  Sure there are some plot holes and other things to scrutinize.

 The unexamined life is not worth living?......the unexamined movie is not worth watching....I agree.

 I can understand some folks shunning some of the disturbing images.  I cringed more than once.  Bottom line is I like it; and when I saw they only took a short time to film it I was impressed...not a small feat.