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Saw The Class Nerd at The Gym


So I was in the gym today to train shoulders. The usual crowd was there except over at the dumbbell rack, on the end where the 10 pound dumbbells are, I saw this guy that seemed, well, a little out of place. I mean, this is what would be considered a hardcore gym. I'm one of the few females that train here.

So anyway, this guy walked up to me. He has a pink t-shirt on with the sleeves cut off and the phrase "boy toy" written in sequens across the chest. He's also wearing spandex, like the kind a bicyclers would wear. Unfortunately, I have seen more size on an ostriches legs than this guy had. His upper body was fairly developed.

LOL! I just couldn't get over the outfit.

So he walks up to me and introduces himself. I was surprised to hear his name. I remember back in school, he looked like a midget, literally. He may have been 5'5'' and 120 pounds dripping wet. And I think there was a rumor that he was gay too, if memory serves me correct.

I remember him being smart and all, but he was kind of gross. Had this problem with sweating all the time. And we're in Scotland. LOL!!

So we talk for a minute. I compliment him on his gains. You know, those queens are so sensitive, so I figured I'd give him an ego boost. He says, "thanks girl", and then heads back to the dumbbell rack and picks up a 15 pound dumbbell and starts doing bicep concentration curls. He caught me staring at him a couple of times.

I guess he didn't understand how flamboyant his whole outfit was. His hair looked good though, I'll give him that. But most gay guys hair looks good anyways. His abzz were pretty hot too.

Small world, LOL!


Damn. I thought you were a dude, D!


LoL. Afterwards, he probably went to an internet forum to tell all his e-friends that he put it in your pooper.


Wait for it...


The Dice Man on your pictures confuses me too.


Small victories

Read it you shall.


You are the coolest girl on this site....by far! You've actually made me laugh a lot..not in that
"oh be nice and laugh at the girl joke" way either.


Well done


Whoa there, buddy. I've got dibs, get in line.

So, "Dustin," wanna chill? What, you won't take your pants off? BJ only? I have to be blindfolded...? This seems pretty odd. Whatever, wax that shaft baby.


Well, this was just a parody thread, but hey, I'll try anything once...okay twice.


They always come back... At first they think they want to get away, but once they escape they find that their lives are empty and hollow. Soon after, they show back up on the doorstep begging to be let back into the basement. You'll like it there, I promise.




Back up, bitch!


Oh boy! Two cocks!

More, more, more!


I see what you did there OP.

This parody was filmed in front of a live studio ostrich.


This is a well done parody in that the OP's playing the other side of that "Small Victories" thread.

We need Professor X to do one where he's the skinny fat guy who didn't want buddy hitting on his woman.


Where you been turd smuggler? So many threads have not reached their full potential due to the lack of someone with decent photoshop skills. Next time you take a vacation, you clear it with me first Mkay?



Sorry man. I haven't been on the forums much lately. Work, kids, training at 100 times gravity - you know how it goes.