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Saw Results with Clomid-Only. Am I Primary?

So I went off TRT for about 3 months and started clomid 25 mg daily for 35 days and results were 45.9 free and 175.8 total and E2 was 57 then went to 50mg daily and results were 56.2 free 207.3 total and E2 was 54.
Does this mean I am probably primary?
It as never determined if I was primary or secondary 11 years ago when this all started.

I think so, your results on a pretty big clomid dosage is very poor, most can get midrange levels on half this dosage taking it every other day. I would like to see LH to see how the pituitary gland is performing.

What was your LH value?

My endo isn’t the greatest. He only checked free total and e2.

It appears so. So why are you wasting your time with him?

That to me is insane, the whole point to clomid is to see if you are primary or secondary and that can only be ascertained by checking hormones and LH. Your LH could be low which would indicate a pituitary failure or LH is high and testosterone low then indicating primary.

Our medical system has ignored male sex hormone health for too long that most endocrinologist have no fracking clue what they are doing. It’s like teenagers first day on the job, they don’t know what to do.

No one can answer your question because your doctor is an idiot.

I have limited doctors where I live. I am going to try another endo in about a month.