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Saw Professor X in Prison Break Season 2


Or a look a like at least. I couldn't help but thinking that this is him. Probably around 270, too.

Season 2 episode 14


Ayee, its Celtics.
Also, now getting Season 1 of Prison Break just because it looks like a good-trash (like Burn Notice) show to watch while doing medial tasks.
I wonder what that guy is doing acting - he's gigantic, and I can't imagine roles are frequent.


youre painfully strange


If a guy that size insisted that I "floss daily", I just might...


I think this guy is more of a dental contractor than a dentist. He breaks people's teeth and thus keeps dentists employed.


That's Terry Tate (nee Lester Speight)!


Fucking knew he was familiar!


I remember the first time I learned that Professor X was a dentist, I just laughed picturing such a big guy with those tiny precision instruments.

Oh and I agree with Bonez you're a strange strange man with some weird fetish for Professor X or something.


Its a real good show the first season or 2 are really good but then it goes down hill in a hurry.


I watched season 1 and didnt really get into it. The main dude got fat after the show was over i guess...



He looks bad-ass in the show for a skinny, guy his brother looks better. However, he looks like a fag in real life.


Does not look fat to me. Just average.


When most of the population sucks average and fat are the same thing. Don't try to sugarcoat it.


He's bulking. He's clearly carrying more lean mass in the second photo. Haterz gonna hate.


does celtics just sit at home scouring for pics of the prof and professor X look alike's?


The brother in Prison Break is decently sized, I mean not by BB proportions but his features make him seem like a mini-someone, I'm just not yet sure who that someone is.


Like I said, I was watching Prison Break Season 2 ep 14 and saw this dude. I guess you aren't familiar with the series.

Seems like his triceps are a little small, though.


holy shit lol, his triceps look downrigth silly next to those huge delts and bis.


no ive watched it, you're just kinda weird.



First off, the man's weight fluctuates from the low 240's to over 300lbs depending on the gig, so taking one pic out of context and acting like it is representative of how he always looks is retarded.

In 2006 he was quoted as trying to get over 300lbs (335lbs to be exact) for that Office Linebacker gig, but that he wrestled at around 255lbs.

I believe he is tasked as Cole Train on a GOW movie.

He is also 6'6" so I seriously doubt any of you are going to make him look small ion comparison....and 240lbs is small as hell at that height so knowing his weight when a pic is taken would help.