Saw Palmetto Brands?

My dad has just been diagnosed with Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - enlarged prostate (at least half of the men over 60 have it). Many sources claim that saw palmetto has very good effect in fighting futher enlargement. Does anyone have any experiences with Saw Palmetto supplements and can recommend a good brand?


Saw Palmetto along with pumpkin seed oil(capsule, not actual oil), and licopene are all good, natural sources to help with the prostate. Good brands for these include Nature’s Plus Viril Actin, Michael’s Prostate Factors, and Irwin Natural’s Prosta-Strong. If you need any help finding these or just more info about them, just PM me. I also highly recommend him ( well really all men) to take Source of Life for Men by Nature’s Plus, it is an excellent multivitamin that includes herbs (ones listed above and more) for the prostate and hormone levels.