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Saw Palmetto - Attn Doug Kalman

Might you have any idea whether saw palmetto may relieve some of the other side effects of ephedrine/caffiene not mentioned in your article? More specifically, erectile disfunction and/or cold extremities (fingers,toes,nose,ears)? Thanks. Also have you come across any info concerning whether or not saw palmetto affects the efficacy of stims/thermos? Again thanks.

I am sorry to say that saw palmetto does not have the potential to affect the areas that you speak of. From what you state, it sounds like a vasoconstriction reaction to ephedrine (ephedra). You may want to consider gingko or nicotinic acid (at low doses) or of course seeing your physician.

What about regarding his last question "concerning whether or not saw palmetto affects the efficacy of stims/thermos? "

Saw Palmetto is junk! Don’t waste your money. Studies have been done on it to see if the concentration it says on the bottle is the actual concentration in the pill. Results: None! If you are going to buy this anyway-buy from a reputable company-not Mom and Pop Companies.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I too am of the belief that vasoconstriction is the culprit but I had my fingers crossed (no pun intended) that it wasn’t as ginko hasn’t worked. I’ve gone to my doctor and all he suggested was “driving gloves” or warm water hand/foot baths :slight_smile: (yeah no shit doc). Though I’m a little disappointed again, thanks just the same.

What study are you reading? I just looked up the Consumerlab.com site and their review states that of 27 tested products, 17 were true to their labeled content. Check it our for yourself: http://www.consumerlab.com/ results/sawpalmetto.asp