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Saw Palmetto and Gyno?

Hi, long-time lurker. A couple of weeks ago, I started taking Saw Palmetto to prevent hairloss. I know its efficiency in that matter is questionable (at best) but I figured I would try it anyway. By the way, I’m 25.

Last week, I noticed my right nipple was a little puffy and it was sensitive when I went running. I first thought it was nothing, but it’s still there after a week. I’ve never experienced any sort of gyno, but this can’t be a coincidence, right? I stopped taking SP three days ago cause I got kinda freaked out.

Can I expect the puffiness to go away or should I take something to get rid of it? For now, it’s only puffiness, no hard lump unerneath the nipple.

From what I understand, if the SP is effective, it prevents Test conversion to DHT. That could lead to more Test being converted into E, hence the gyno. Is my condition reversible? Would an anti-E be beneficial? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Unless you’re using AAS or some other drug with this side effect, I doubt that you’re actually getting gyno in the first place.

If you are getting gyno, it’s probably due to something other than Saw Palmetto.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using (and have never used) AAS or any other drug with this side effect. I just think it would be a strange coincidence if this wasn’t related to the SP. Today’s the third day I stopped taking it, and the swelling is still there, although I don’t think it’s gotten worst. It’s really not that bad, like I said, just some puffiness (kinda looks like I’m cold, but just on one side). Wouldn’t want it to get worst though… Any thoughts on what it could be if not gyno?