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Saw My First 'Pro' Today at Metroflex


I just moved back to Dallas for the summer, and am working out at Metroflex in Plano for 3 months. This is my first time at a hardcore gym.

I was talking to Greg McCoy after my workout. There was a large black man working out, and I noticed Greg filming some of his lifts. I asked who he was, he told me, and said he would be getting his pro card soon. I do not remember his name.

Point is, this was my first time standing close to a guy of this size. I am 6'1, 240 pounds, and he made me look like a pussy twig that didn't workout. It was very motivating.

/useless thread and shameless plug for Metroflex.


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I think that's something everyone interestedin BBing should experience. Seeing how big these guys are in person is just insane.

I've seen Peter Putnam, wasn't too impressed, and another NPC competitor that was ridiculously enormous.


There are a few big guys at my gym, but only one real competitive body builder and the dude is HUGE (5'6", 265 in the off season), is currently dieting down for a show and should be a shredded 222-225 with 21" arms, a back as wide as a house and thick as a brick, quad sweep like no ones business. Truly amazing to see in person.


I saw tia green at the aus pro wow just wow he is one big dude

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Cookie monster is always relevant to any topic.

Its true, this post is just a "hey guys I saw this dude, but cant remember his name"...

poking a little fun at it is acceptable.

But we understand where your coming from, we all remember the first time we saw a chemically enhanced giant in person.

So much more impressive than seeing pictures.


pfft, his wife/gf/whatever is hot. I've shaken hands with big Jay. I felt like I was 187lbs again. I wasn't wearing my X-medium sized shirt like all the fuckheads behind me so in my mind I looked even smaller. I went home pounded my supplements and went to go bust my ass.


theres a guy whos always at my bar who is the size of Professor X but thats it.


It was funny how the OP ended his comment with "/useless thread and shameless plug for Metroflex" hence cookie monster. But yes, the gym I work at there is a guy who is 5'10" at 260lbs the biggest I've seen in town (small town) and relatively lean.
I agree its a different feeling when you see someone that big in person.


I met Ronnie Coleman at seni 07 he was fucking huge,he would have towered over the pros from my gym.
Although I dont bb it is cool to meet somone of that size.


There's an ex IFBB pro that works out at my gym. Say's he hasn't competed in a few years, so I'm sure he's a bit smaller than his pro days, but his conditioning is absurd. He has striations running sideways through his tri's and veins that look like roadmaps all over his arms. Pretty sure he carries that condition year round too, as I've never seen him look different.


Saw Victor Martinez on Thursday, and yeah, it was ridiculous. It's like the second biggest guy I've ever seen in person was a small girl compared to him.


I met him Thursday as well and totally agree with you.I was shooting the shit wih him outside and was standing beside him and I kinda froze halfway through a sentence realizing how retarted I must look in comparsion.Really laid back dude,very friendly.


I haven't seen any pros at my gym in a very long time (about 8 years). We have a few who are trying to compete in NPC and look impressive though.

It is not only motivation, but it is just great to see someone like that in the gym. I absolutely hate being the most developed guy in the gym. There is no one to look up to. If you stay in an environment like that for too long, you stop pushing as hard because you are already ahead of everyone you see.


After I went from 125 pounds to 180 I really thought I was the shit. I used go to the gym before college (like 6am) and the only guys that used to train at that time were really v small. One day this guy comes in and starts training. I was using the flat bench and he asked if he could jump in with me. The guy must have been a solid 250 pounds (fairly soft at that) but just training with someone so much bigger was a real wake up call.

I think a lot of the younger guys that post on here looking for advice on how to bring up lagging bodyparts (at 150lbs) or wanting to cut because their waist has gone up .1 inches could really benefit from getting into a real gym and just feeling small alongside someone who outweighs them by 100lbs.


lol I know how that is. it what REALLY made me think I hate being small. its something that makes you think.