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Saw Drag Me To Hell, Last Night


OK, so I saw this last night with the gf. It really had everything I was hoping for, and a bit more. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it going in...but I was thoroughly impressed. There were startling parts, REALLY gory parts, suspenseful portions, and just straight scary shit at some points. What I wasn't expecting were some scenes that were actually funny. I was really amused by several of the scenes, it really worked well interspliced with the horror scenes, since it got you thinking the opposite way for a few minutes.

It was predictable at a lot of points, but that didn't ruin it at all; it was still scary as shit. The old gypsy lady fighting the heroine of the movie KILLED me. Especially the anvil scene (you'll see). Really the only part I didn't like was at the seance towards the end with the talking goat.....I was terrified that the movie was about to shit the bed at that point, but fortunately it turned out fine. I give it a 9/10. I really think it's one of my favorite movies I've seen in this genre.


Really? I wasn't sure what to make of it, based on the previews. The vengeful gypsy hag has been done before (Stephen King's "Thinner" et al.) and it was rated PG-13, but I'm a huge horror buff and if its as good as you say it is I might check it out.

I'm starting to think that "PG-13" is becoming more and more lenient as society further degenerates :). My God, thinking back to when I was growing up I think "Short Circuit" got slapped with a PG-13 because that insolent, wise-cracking robot talked back to a clergyman or something. Nowadays, a violent mutant with surgically grafted adamantium claws can cut through any living thing in his path, and his movie still gets a PG-13


Hmm... I've heard it blows. Also am to understand it was pretty formulaic and predictable. Plus, isn't it Sam Raimi? He hasn't produced anything of value in some time.

I'll check it out if I'm really high and have a few extra bucks, or whenever it comes on HBO.


He has always had that cult following from Evil Dead...which might have been cutting edge when it was first made but would make some of us laugh today.


I agree with the OP, this is probably my favorite horror movie I have ever seen. If anyone tells you it "blows" that is because they shit their pants and ran out of theater crying.

This movie KICKED ASS.


I love the Evil Dead... but after The Grudge (II, more specifically) and Spidey III I'm a little concerned.

BTW, what do you think about the supposed new Evil Dead coming out in 2010?


I'll watch it...just like I watch most "watchable" horror flicks. The only question is whether it is "theater going worthy"...and most aren't. I had heard Drag Me To Hell was supposed to be decent though. I think the man has it in him to make great movies...but his "Hollywood" side leads to pieces of less than well thought out crap like Spiderman 3.


I saw it over the weekend. It is definitely not for everyone--lots of people actually got up and left the theater before the movie was over. However, I have to admit, it is definitely one of those movies that you just have fun watching. I think the problem that a lot of people had with this one was that the trailers made it look like a straight up, formulaic horror film. If someone knew nothing about Sam Raimi's style and had never heard of/seen his earlier stuff, they would probably be put off by the amount of ridiculous humor-gore that Drag Me To Hell had. For me, though, it was absolutely hilarious/scary/fun almost the whole way through.


I saw dance flick, It had a lady with a huge vagina that was beat boxing. Hilarious....


I thought it was pretty good. It's not that scary but there are a lot of suspense and surprises here and there. I say that it's cinema worthy, it just won't be as scary if you watch it on TV or on a laptop.


It's a good film. The majority of horror films are predicatble though, they're meant to be. That old hag sure can produce a lot of bodily juices.


I am gonna wait for it to come out on DVD, these days the wait is not long.


loved it. i was praying that sam raimi would be back on form with this as its his own project in terms of writing and direction and he didnt disappoint. his blend of humor, scares and suspense shines through in every seen and it feels like a modern day evil dead. yes its got cliched characters but they're great cliches acted very well. i strongly advise everyone to go see it in the cinema.

my favorite thing about it is raimi has went very easy on the gore. that's why its only a 15 here in england but instead of blood and guts it uses more nasty and disturbing methods to make you cringe. i only have to say funeral scene for people who saw it with me to feel sick.


I thought it was good. I laughed a lot.


It impressed me especially after seeing the previews. The old lady made a great villain and the girl was characterized very well- you could understand her whole thought process up to making the mistake hehehe. Not an incredible movie but very watchable horror.

PG-13 really doesn't mean anything anymore- you can't swear a lot or show much blood but you can vomit maggots into someone's mouth?

plus the Mac guy is in it.


I actually really liked the goat part... to me it was one of the more entertaining parts of the whole movie...

At times you felt it was more predictable then it was, however, I really wish they would use less suspense music before something scarey, it tips everyone off and ruins the suprise for me...

That said, parts of it were good, it is definately a sam rami movie...

If you like his older work, see it, if not, wait for the dvd / net flix....

Also, it is NO WHERE NEAR the best horror movie ever... though it has by far one of the more exciting "jump into the action" intros of ANY horror movie I have ever seen....


I still think Dawn of The Dead remake is the best I've seen. I saw that at the movie theater and walked looking for dead people to jump out the bushes. I think I've watched that one more than any other horror movie also.


They're making a new Evil Dead? Who's playing Ash, and why would they do that?


What is up with, your use of commas?

But yeah, I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Would you consider it more of a comedy or a thriller? It got pretty solid reviews from my friends who have seen it.


ive never been a fan of horror movies.. maybe because my family has alot of anxiety issues lol.. so Ive never really liked watching horror movies but i went to see this with a group of friends and it was hilarious and awesome. I was like jump and Epic lulz would be an appropriate description.