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Saw Bruno


Man I saw Bruno last night...fuck lol anyone else see it and please give me your thoughts.
I thought it was the biggest piece of shit ever lol. There were SOME funny parts..but for the most part it was fuckin gay and retarded. Please chime in.


I thought it was hilarious. Aside from the part where the people are watching his TV show and they show his dick for around 15 seconds, and the whole swingers scene, it was really funny.

Most of the stuff was a lot of cringe humor, but even stuff I normally wouldn't find funny I was cracking up about. I don't think anyone in the theater I was in stopped laughing for the entire movie.

The opening scene where it recaps his career was probably the best, while the Alabama MMA sequence was terrible.

I will never look at hunting the same way.


Does it follow the same pattern like Borat, little bits of person to person interactions, that sort of thing?


I do think that it was Arkansas...not Alabama. I thought that was hilarious. More so....how crazy the fans were BEFORE the "gay" stuff. The emotional "number one mma fan" had me in tears.


When the one guy went "OH SHIT!" in slow motion right after Bruno pinned Lutz against the cage, I almost died. The 'number one mma fan' WAS in tears. Too funny.


Usually I try to go somewhat easy on non-serious movies, but this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I thought Borat was pretty decent, and that is 1 trillion times better than this IMO. I am so glad I work at a movie theater and I didn't have to waste my money on it. Seriously, if you want to see this movie, just go look at some gay porn instead. That's basically what it is.


lol yeah exactly man it was PURE FUCKIN SHIT
There was DEFINATELY funny parts...I thought the MMA part was hilarious with the crowd..they were freakin the fuck out..haha that shit was funny..the aprt of them doin shit was not funny, just the crowd.
When Bruno tries to go in Mike's tent at the end of the night of hunting and he's like Get the fuck out!
haha i thought that was funny too.
So yeah there was SOME funny parts but for the most part the whole thing was just shit. I have no clue how it got 3 stars and transformers 2 got 1 or 1 1/2 stars. Wow.


sacha cohen is nothing more than an attention whore


If he makes any more movies like this one...I'd have to agree. It seemed like this was nothing like Borat. It actually seemed like some of the shit in Borat was REAL, whereas all this was just him "trying too hard" or something.


Mike, i think donny is a homosexual, can i come sleep here with you to be safe?

Mike, a bear came and ate all my clothes and everything else but these condoms, can i come sleep with you


I thought it was hilarious. It was my kind of humor. I can see why some people don't like it though. Maybe if you are a homophobe or an uptight conservative christian.


x2. I'm pretty damn conservative, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a joke.


nothing can be funnier than "thats such a susan thing to say"


Saw the movie last night, its a very funny movie. But viewer beware: It Is Really Gay.


I found it very funny, except the gay as fuck dick swinging scene, which was still funny but too much for an on screen film, there was a 6 year old kid 2 seats down from me, a lot of people left the theater during the swingers party.


What Parent of the Year Candidate brings a 6 year old to a Sacha Baron Cohen movie?


So your pissed off you went to a movie whose main character is a moronic homosexual, and you thought it was 'fuckin gay and retarded'.

What else were you expecting?

I do agree though that this movie seemed a bit more forced than Borat and its targets were easy, but I never laughed as hard when he offered to 'fix some sandwiches' in the middle of the swingers orgy haha!


Right...because you have to be a homophobe to not want to see 2 hours of penis and man ass. I for one didn't know that this movie would be about him being gay. I thought that would be a PART of the comedy, but not that it would be entirely based off it.


Really? You didnt know it was going to be about him being gay the whole time...?


Considering that Borat had at least SOME diversity in its comedy, I thought this would follow suit. It didn't. Seriously, 95% of the jokes were gay jokes. This has nothing to do with being a homophobe or "uptight conservative christian", it's just that it gets really old , stupid, and nasty really fast.