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Saw Ben White


Saw him yesterday at a PL meet, he wasnt competing but was just finishing up training when I got there. Hes still in incredible shape, but I think hes training more for PL now. Heres a vid of him... (not from yesterday)


He said he's up to like 280-290 now. Did he look that big?


Yes. They had a guy who posed at the end, some asian guy whos name I cant remember. But he was around 250 and looked alot smaller then Ben.


Should be a good showdown with Johnnie next weekend.

I would be curious to see if either of them can surpass the numbers that Stan Efferding put up; and unfortunately Stan injured his hamstring on the squat otherwise he may have posted a sligtly bigger deadlift.


He's been 300lbs before so 290 should be easy for him. That must look sick because he has abs at 290. I don't. :frowning:


awww...wanna hug?