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Saw a T-Nation Member!


Last night i was driving home and i glanced to the right and saw a guy and girl...but the guy was wearing a red T-Nation shirt! (the red one)I have no idea why i was so stoked but i yelled out to him before i realized my passenger window was up lol. Oh well, i guess i just wanted reassurance that people visit T-Nation cause ever anytime i mention it to someone who lifts, they have no idea what i am talking to.

By the way, i live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and i saw these people by Commercial Blvd and A1A (and yes i have referred to it as T-Muscle also)


If the guy in the T-Nation shirt was built and the girl was hot then that was indeed me.


Strange, practically everyone I know that lifts knows about T-Nation. Not all of them read/post but it is one of the most well known lifting sites so most are aware of it. Seen quite a few T-Nation shirts at the gym.


Probably Nikki and I.


No-one around me know about T-Nation. I iz the shadowy elite.


Everybody knows about this site,not alot of them gets on the forum though.


I'm sure a lot of them get on the forum, they just don't post...

Look at the post/views ratios on some of the topics and you'll see why the T-Vixens thread is a creep-fest


That's just Wol hitting F5 around the clock. He's a hard worker.


^Interesting choice of words there Deb ... I'm sure it was deliberate :slightly_smiling:


I once had a guy come up to me in my gym and say you post on T-Nation. I recognize your tat. (used to be my DP). I thought that was pretty cool.


I once had a guy recognize me at a bar. He's a cool dude, don't know if he posts here anymore, but it's kind of strange to know that with all the shit I talk here it's indeed possible that someone who hates me will recognize me in public.

Ah fuck it.


I think I might have seen Professor X once. I was in Texas (I think I read he lives there?) and heard a gigantic black man talking about Batman Begins like 6 years ago.


Another South Florida member checking in, wasn't me though.