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Saw a PF Member Signing Up at My Gym

Friday I saw some new people talking to the sales staff at the front desk. 2 guys and a girl. I was done and heading on my way. The time I go there arent many people working out so I look for a car that I dont recognize. I see one. Old beater with a planet fitness sticker on the back window parked next to my car. I go to throw my bag in the passenger seat and I see that Mr. and Mrs. Planet Fitness have a slice of pizza on a paper plate sitting on the dashboard. Is that how Planet Fitness members roll? Maybe he ate the purple tootsie rolls on the drive over.



shoulda went back in and asked if he was gonna finish that.

I am confus. Is this a parody thread or…?

LMFA…aw man what the hell! RIVETING TALE, CHAP


Yes. I heard that if you lift weights and eat pizza in the same lifetime you die.

Isn’t pizza widley considered to be the single greatest food on the planet? I mean hell, that’s where the ninja turtles derived thier special powers from right? I’ll take a large pepperoni to go please.


[quote]Nards wrote:
Yes. I heard that if you lift weights and eat pizza in the same lifetime you die.[/quote]

and when you die you’re doomed to an eternity of doing no exercise but the Wave and Zumba dancing

LOL @ this thread!!!

You people are missing the point.

They were members of Planet Fitness! And he is a member of THIS website!

Clearly, he is a superior lifter and has never succumbed to the physique-wrecking habit of eating while driving.

You were all supposed to laugh at the stupid PF members without putting any rational thought into this thread whatsoever.

BTW - cool story, brah

I sentence this thread to Death

[quote]Loudog75 wrote:
I sentence this thread to Death[/quote]

No. To the pain.