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Saw a Chiro Today

Hey Guys

Ive been a lurker here for years- anyways first post.
I saw him regarding some back pain hip pain sciatic crap ive being having the past few months. He showed me on the xrays L5 thinned out and a few others plus some in the neck. He is powerlifter so he understands weights and suggest to keep on lifting sensibly…

Im just worried now where before i thought not much of it now im scared lifting is screwing me. He reckons my forms great and not the problem, i think i did the damage years ago lifting with bad form when i was a young idiot. How many of you out there have buggered discs and keep on lifting? he reckons L5 is the one causing the problem i love squatting and deadlifting but now i have it in the back of my mind my discs are going to wear out and im going to be stuffed.

thanks for reading.

the most important thing is to do 5/3/1, or we’ll kill and eat you.

As for the back, I havent really hurt mine. i might suggest finding a competent lifter/coach who can help make sure that your form is spot on, to make sure you don’t hurt it worse.