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Saviour of the GAL Forums... You Know Who


Really it has been getting pretty silly in here for a while. What we really need is the best poster these boards have ever seen - yeah you know who I mean...

Reptilian, shape-shifting, ghost, spirits please bring back our overlord and saviour...

Tribunal Dude where are you in our hour of need?!


No, no. We need Celtics, Rainjack, SickAbs, and HeadHunter!


I'm guessing he was banned after releasing parts of members personal lives onto this site.


What was the one Jesus dude? The Italian guy?


We all know our saviour is Kerley. There hasn't been a solid thread about fapping in a long while.


I miss celtics, I was really looking forward to learning how to tailor a wife beater.


oh, HeadHunter is definitely still posting.

But yeah, Kerley, Andrew909, SickAbs, LiveFromthe781, where did these guys go....


I'm thinking some posters disappear because they stop training. Why come here if you don't train, who knows.




Sarcasm? lol.


I've seen Kerley here and there. Don't know why SA pulled a vanishing act.




It's not InstantMessenger...


Anyone heard from Dedicated lately?


I fucking hated that guy. He kept posting his nude pics on /fit/. I never seen anybody on the internet so delusional; before or since.


I speak to Kerley and Live every now and then on Facebook... Live definitely still trains pretty much daily.


Really? I missed that. What was the story there? (Are you talking about TribunalDude?)

Yeah RJ I was going to do a shout out for him. If people think Pro X could be a little direct...

Never heard of this Celtics dude.


RainJack got the banhammer, and please don't say Celtics three times into the mirror....or he comes back to life.


AndrewG909 got the banhammer and came back as mexicansamuri or some shit like that but I think he got the banhammer again. That was a good dude.


Anyone know the reasoning behind the banhammers?