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Saving Streaming Videos for a Class...

I’ll keep this as short as possible…

I’m taking an online class that has videos streamed from the server through Real Player. I download a little 50 kb file that opens in Real Player, connects to my school’s servers, and then plays the video just like YouTube (video loads/buffers at connection speed while you watch at real-time speed).

I need a way to capture or download the stream for offline viewing, but googling isn’t giving me anything that isn’t either completely wrong or is a barebones program without any explanation as to how to actually USE the thing…

Can anyone with the know-how point me in the right direction for getting this thing done?



[quote]admbaum wrote:


Does not capture REAL PLAYER STREAMS! I don’t need something that will download the 50 kb .ram file, I can do that with anything. There is no stream-capture option that I’ve been able to find.

I have used http://keepvid.com/ before for YouTube videos try it out…if you have a url it should save it for you…

One thing you can try is open the .ram file with a text editor and look for an URL for the .rm file. After that you can paste the URL on a download manager (for example) and download the big file.