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Saving My Gym!


Bad news bears...

Guy who owns/runs the local gym is planning to sell off the stuff in October, when my membership runs out, in hopes of raising funs to get a bigger and better facility. Problem is, we are really short on dough, and need it. Anyone got any fundraising ideas?

I thought maybe a nutritional cookbook or guide to nutrition could be plan, as well as us being a cleaning or hauling service. We do not have a lot of man power willing to volunterr to, so this could be tough.

Any ideas on how to save it?


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Roughly how short on dough? Before making recommendations, it helps us to know the reality of the situation.


Uh, $2,000 in the bank, it is a community run place really. Rent is dirt cheap in our area though, so that makes it a bit better


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You have $2k, you need how much and for what?

Why would you sell the equipment to get a bigger place? You need equipment to fill that bigger place.


Well it is more of a town a community gym than a local one, have really been lucky. The town has a commmitment to it, but they will only match what we put it. So by selling equipment, we would raise funds, and hopefully the town would match, in the efforts to get a better place. Real estate is cheap as borscht here though. We can get a old grocery store, with 3,300 sq feet on each floor for just under $45,000 grand. Problem is, the owner wants to outright sell it, and does not want any part of a lease agreement. Leaves us kind of short changed


Isn't this what banks are for?


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Pretty hard to get a loan when your revenue is around 0, which ares is close to. A membership is $5 a month!