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Saving Muscle During One Month Break After Car Accident?

I had a car accident, It’s not too bad, some idiot could kill me in second because of his fault, but it’s ok.
So my doctor told me that I should take a break from the gym at least one month, maybe a little longer until I recover totally.
I am 40yrs old, around 250lbs, bf around 20, 6’6 tall, I train for the last year without missing a single training, before that I didn’t train for 5 yrs (health issues again), and again before that, I did workout for 7 yrs.
So I’m asking well-experienced guys: what should I do during the break to save as many muscles and strength as possible? I can still do some speed-walking, even if my doctor told me not to do it - just to have complete rest. I can eat anything, not a problem.

I’m known for stupid questions, so I’ll start.
What are your injuries? Are you scheduled for testing or an MRI so he said not to work out until you find out what is going on? Or… is he just being cautious?

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This x2

Everything is OK, not serious injuries. I did MRI, I just need around one month to recover full. All I need to know what kind of diet I should do and should I do any cardio. Thanks.

I can’t see skipping the gym completely. If you are stiff and sore, I think some light dumbbell work would do you a lot of good for the first week or so. Or at minimum, an elliptical machine.

My doctor is reasonable guy, he even lifts. So I wont train for a month if he said so. Im asking about diet during the break and do I need to do cardio, fast walking. I still have som bruises and painful spots so speed walking is one thing I can do during the break. Thanks.

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Honestly, cardio isn’t going to be what ‘keeps muscle’ for you, and diet-wise you would do best to keep protein high and carbs and fat fairly moderate to compensate for the lack of exercise.

A month really isn’t that long. I would probably focus on stretching and keeping things mobile, which is where the cardio comes in.

You want to rest during this time, so focus on getting your body ready to lift when the time comes. Ice and heat, anti inflammatories, stretching, and controlled articulated rotations.

Man, this is a stark contrast to some people in a certain sub on this site. In a very good way. Good on you for listening.

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Keep your protein high is the main thing, try keep out of deficit. Then look at increased frequency of meals. If you can do bodyweight stuff, do a bit of that.

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