Saving Ampule Once Broken Open?

Hi i have some propionate ampolues, that i will use. My question is after braking the ampoule can you save it for later? The ampoule is 100mg propionate, i only will inject around 10 a day with and insulin needle. So can i store the ampoule for later with no adverse effects? And would you store it? Thanks

Either prefill syringes or put rest of the T in a sterile vial


I transfer 8-9 ampules in a sterile vial with big syringe and big needle

where do you buy these vials? After you break and ampoule does it not get contaminated with air? Does this have and effect, please calrify

ok so i can just keep it in the syringe for later use? I thought maybe after you break the ampoule, the medicine would get old

No. It’s really stable from that perspective. You just want it to stay as sterile as possible.

My vote would be preload the Slin Syringes as it passes through fewer contamination possibilities.

You can order from ebay, amazon but I take them from the dealer it is easier for me and his are very big and I can put a lot of ampules in one vial :smiley:

Does it need to stay in refrigerator after this? Or is room temperature fine?

Slin? you mean insulin??

Room temp is fine. It may crystallize if it gets too cold

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Room temperature

Yes, In the bodybuilding world the slang is slin pins

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